6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Spruce up Your Dating Profile

Online dating has taken the world by storm recently, with hundreds of dating sites popping up seemingly overnight. Although this is great in terms of variety, it can make finding a handful of dating sites to use challenging. Not to mention, using dating sites requires you to create multiple profiles to get noticed.

Unfortunately, the art of profile-making doesn’t come naturally to everyone in the dating game. With how often dating site features and layouts change, it can be difficult to perfect your profile to garner dates. Fortunately, you don’t need to face dating profile creation alone. Nowadays, you can hire a professional to spruce up your dating profile.

Yet, we know this might not sound that beneficial, so we’ve decided to share six benefits you can look forward to if you hire a professional to get your profile competition-ready. It’s a cutthroat game out here in the dating world, so trust us; you need all the help you can get.

What Are the 6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Spruce up Your Dating Profile?

You need to consider hiring a professional if you’ve created a dating profile and it’s not gotten you many dates. With the help of a professional, you can increase your matches and firmly plant yourself on the road to finding a forever partner.

However, if you require further convincing, you’ll find the benefits of hiring a professional to spruce up your dating profile we’ve listed below of interest.

1. A Professional Will Know the Best Dating Sites You Should Join

Did you know about 12 percent of people have said that they met their spouse or long-term partner online? Admittedly, this might seem like a low percentage, but it will only continue rising as more people turn to online dating over traditional avenues of meeting a partner.

If you’re new to online dating, you might not know all there is to know, and there is no shame in that. Even those of us who are veteran dating app enthusiasts had to start somewhere. Yet, unlike those ahead of the curve, you can capitalize on the resources available to you – a dating professional.

With the assistance of a dating professional, you won’t have to spend countless hours trying to find the best dating apps that work for you. A professional can help you identify which dating websites or apps best suit your personality and dating preferences. This way, you won’t waste time trying to find a dating app or website that you’re comfortable with when looking for a partner.

2. A Professional Can Help You Look Your Best

The reality is that the photos you have on your dating profile will determine how many matches you get and influence how attractive you appear to potential dates. Now, we’re not saying that everyone cares only about looks, but they do matter and are often a deciding factor on whether or not you are given the time of day.

Unsurprisingly, most dating apps and websites place importance on images, so you must ensure you upload and feature photos where you look your best. Unfortunately, the average Joe (most of us) is not an adept photographer with world-class editing skills. That’s why no matter how hard you try, you’ll likely never achieve the same level photo-wise as those who hire professional photographers.

Luckily, a professional can come in handy in this scenario. Undoubtedly, one of the best benefits of hiring a professional to spruce up your dating profile is that you will have an individual with photography skills.

Most dating professionals have an add-on photography package that includes a set of edited images they take that you can use on your profile. If they don’t have the necessary skills, they will work with outsourced talent to get you the needed photos.

You can also expect a professional to help you with your image placements on your dating profile. They will tell you which ones to feature first and guide you on the variety you need to catch the attention of your target audience. Ultimately, with the right pictures, you have won half the battle of finding a soulmate – the other half being your bio.

3. A Professional Can Help You Write an Attractive Bio

Most of us aren’t all master writers adept at weaving a tale through our dating bios to make them more interesting and captivating to matches. Unfortunately, if you want your dating profile bio to stand out, you need to do more than just jot down a few sentences and hope for the best.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of hiring a professional to spruce up your dating profile is that they will write your bio for you. A dating professional understands that the art of writing a dating profile bio is a science that involves a deep sense and understanding of attraction. A professional will know exactly what to write and how to make you more appealing through your words.

Essentially, you can trust that a dating professional can litter your bio with subconscious action triggers that will have matches eager to make your acquaintance. Additionally, a professional understands that writing a dating profile bio is incredibly different from penning a resume. They will know that your dating profile is the advertisement for you, which is why it needs to be as engaging as possible.

Moreover, a talented professional can write your dating profile bio to be the reel after your photos are the hook to draw matches in. Thus, you can expect your hired professional to learn your likes and dislikes, achievements, fears, ambitions, goals, and personality so that they can use these characteristics as inspiration for what you ‘advertise’ to the dating world.

Ultimately, the right professional can expertly weave an interesting tale about you based on the real you in a short, cohesive, and interesting way.

4. A Professional Can Teach You All The Profile Features

Every dating website and app has its way of doing things. This means that the features and layout you get on one are likely to be different in some way from other dating apps and websites. Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of using a professional is that they know their way around dating apps and websites.

A professional can teach you all the profile features to ensure you’re making the best one possible. In addition, you will also have the benefit of learning about other dating websites and apps and how to make winning profiles by maximizing your use of features.

Ultimately, your competition will be left behind. At the same time, you can capitalize on the help being offered by your hired professional to make the best profile possible with the many features available to you.

5. A Professional Can Ensure You Have More Time

Are you an individual who spends most of your dating life on a screen? If you are, we’re not going to tell you to go out and try traditional dating avenues to find your soulmate. Instead, we recommend hiring a professional as they can ensure you have more time to do things you love without sacrificing your opportunities to find love.

If a professional creates or tweaks your dating profile, you won’t need to spend time doing it or constantly updating it to try and get matches and dates. Additionally, if they do their job properly and you have a winning profile, you’re more likely to find a partner faster that you can date and enjoy life with.

Ultimately, you will spend less time worrying over your dating profile and more time messaging your potential partners while looking for and hopefully finding love.

6. A Professional Can Help Limit Your Rejections

The sharp twist of rejection hurts. We’ve all been there; trust us.

Unfortunately, if you’re participating in online dating, you need to realize that you’re likely going to face rejection. The best way to handle rejection isn’t to react and get mad but rather accept it and move on. If the person rejected you, it’s doubtful that you and they would have worked out as a committed couple.

Yet, what if we (the team) told you that you don’t have to face as much rejection? If you hire a professional to spruce up your dating profile, you’re far less likely to encounter rejection after rejection. This is because a professional will create or tweak your dating profile to reflect who you are attractively and engagingly to draw people in. So don’t let rejection lower your self-esteem when participating in online dating – hire a professional.

Top Three Dating Websites & Apps That You Can Join with the Assistance of a Dating Professional

Now that you’re aware of why you need a professional to spruce up your dating profile (or help you create a new one), we want to share a few dating sites and apps.

You should consider joining the dating websites and apps below with the assistance of a dating professional if you’re looking for love and a new platform.


One of the oldest dating websites in the world is Match.com. This dating website was founded in 1995 and has been the go-to option for daters looking for long-term relationships for more than two decades. In addition, it’s become increasingly more popular with the younger generations ever since the platform launched a mobile app version.

Interestingly, Match has provided the blueprint on which other sites and apps have based their platforms. One of the biggest reasons this site is a popular reference point is its familiarity with daters. People turn to Match because it’s easy to use and intuitive without being robotic.

Yet, perhaps the most significant reason Match often outperforms other dating sites is that it has continuously worked to improve its strategy. That’s why when signing up, you can look forward to this site’s six-month guarantee. According to Match, they promise that within six months of using the website, you’ll be dating someone and well on your way to finding love – if not, you’ll get six months free!

Match is the perfect dating site for you if you’re ready to settle down and seek a long-term committed relationship. This is because this platform takes things seriously. For example, their matching algorithm is unequaled in the dating industry. When you sign up, you’ll be put through a rigorous personality quiz that will fine-tune who you’re matched with.

Additionally, you can trust that you’ll be shown real and quality matches thanks to the website charging a $20 monthly subscription fee. This might sound like a lot, but it’s a reasonable amount to pay if you’re looking for love.


Arguably, one of the best dating apps for those seeking a long-term relationship is Hinge. In recent years, many singles have stated that Hinge is their favorite dating app compared to the competition.

With so many people loving this app, it’s unsurprising that according to recent estimates, it’s believed that about 6 million people use Hinge monthly. Unlike other dating apps, Hinge is fun! Everything from its features and interface to its chat options makes people want to stay on the platform and keep swiping. So if you’re looking for fun while you test the dating waters, it might be what you’re looking for.

However, you should note that although Hinge is fun and popular, it takes time to set up a dating profile – this is where your hired dating professional comes in handy. With the help of your professional, you can sift through multiple hilarious and serious prompts that you can add to your profile. You can also get help putting the right photos and choosing the best basic preferences.

Moreover, you need to be aware that Hinge is more of a younger-generation dating app. The crowd is generally young, cool, and hip, which makes sense considering the platform’s slogan is ‘designed to be deleted.’


Despite what you might have been told, dating isn’t only for the young. If you’re over 50 and looking for love, you need to speak to your dating professional about signing you up for SilverSingles. As a word of caution, this dating platform focuses on the older generation and not the millennials, so you’re not going to find anyone younger than 50.

Yet, its exclusivity is exactly what makes it immensely popular amongst the old but young at heart. If you ask us, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re on a dating app with other like-minded individuals who are in the same age space as you.

Additionally, one of the best reasons this is a dating app to consider using is because they take matching uber seriously. When you sign up, you will have to undergo a personality test that will place you into one of five personality classes. Based on your personality, it will match you accordingly.

Moreover, you should know that if you’re looking for casual, you should look elsewhere. You might be able to find a few meaningless dates here and there, but most of the platform’s users are looking for love and long-term commitment.