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Our goal with this section is to develop an all-in-one comprehensive advice guide for anyone needing help with dating or relationships. We plan to continually add more and more topics as time goes on and our experts will be listening to the suggestions of our readers. We want to make sure that the topics that we’re supplying here are relevant to what our readers are looking for.

As we continue to grow we plan on adding new sections as well so that we can cover more of the topics that are out there. Our plan is to have this be the one place you can come to find exactly what you need when it comes to dating advice and relationship help. Be sure to stop by regularly to see what’s been added.

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    Understanding Your Emotions in a New Relationship

    The best-selling fan fiction, 50 Shades of Grey, may be an international phenomenon for its risqué theme and a ruggedly handsome billionaire, but the characters of Anastasia and Christian can actually teach a lot about the importance of understanding your …

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    5 Steps to Better Finances as a Couple

    Money matters are at the heart of many disagreements among couples. Keeping a handle on your money might seem like an easy task – but it’s not. Some people are hardwired to handle it better than others. Once a relationship …

  • African Americans Looking Into Each Others Eyes
    Giving to Get Something

    The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my life is not to be my mother. Most women idolize their mothers and want to be just like them, but not me. For the 25 years that my parents have been married, my …

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    Senior Dating: Getting in the Game Again

    Dating is never easy – regardless of your age. But when you are dating as a senior you will realize that things have really changed since your last turn around the table. For many seniors, embracing the world of modern …

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    3 Benefits of Keeping Your Love Life Private

    “The real perk of being married is getting to take lots of pictures and post them online and change your last name on Facebook.” – Bailie, age 19, newly married. Having ten years of dating and relationships over my adorably …

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    4 Strategies for Captivating Her Friends

    If there is one person or group of people that every woman trusts, it is their friends. When it comes to love, women turn to their friends for an objective view on all things relating to their new partner. From …