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Our goal with this section is to develop an all-in-one comprehensive advice guide for anyone needing help with dating or relationships. We plan to continually add more and more topics as time goes on and our experts will be listening to the suggestions of our readers. We want to make sure that the topics that we’re supplying here are relevant to what our readers are looking for.

As we continue to grow we plan on adding new sections as well so that we can cover more of the topics that are out there. Our plan is to have this be the one place you can come to find exactly what you need when it comes to dating advice and relationship help. Be sure to stop by regularly to see what’s been added.

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The Most Viewed Articles

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    The Role of Social Media in Connecting Seniors With Potential Partners

    The popularity of the online dating world has really exploded in the past few years, and it’s no wonder why. Everyone seems to want to get in on the action and try their hand at finding love in the digital …

  • Woman Frustrated in Relationship
    Is Your Partner Infecting You with Negativity?

    Even though there is so much positivity to experience, sadly, people tend to be more drawn to the negative aspects of life. Unfortunately, allowing negativity to permeate your soul consistently attracts toxic people into your life, destroying any remaining optimism. …

  • Woman Typing Out Her Profile
    Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Dating Profile

    We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it for the rest of time — when you decide to go on a dating site, your profile and what you put on it is the most important thing you have …

  • Computer Algorithm
    How Do Dating Site Algorithms Really Work?

    When you sign up for a dating site, you expect to be matched with people who share your interests and values. But how does the site know what to match you with? And, more importantly, how do you make sure …

  • Girl Texting
    Dumped Over Text? Here’s What To Do Next

    Breakups are nowhere near desirable events. They are always unpleasant regardless of how, where, or why a breakup happens. However, if there’s anything that makes a breakup harder than necessary, it’s getting dumped over text. Being dumped over text usually …

  • Professionals Helping Woman
    6 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Spruce Up Your Dating Profile

    Online dating has taken the world by storm recently, with hundreds of dating sites popping up seemingly overnight. Although this is great in terms of variety, it can make finding a handful of dating sites to use challenging. Not to …