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The website’s terms of use are listed below.

The following definitions of terms apply:

  • – the “Site”
  • The owners of – the “Owners”
  • Any individual, company or other organization using – the “User”
  • The terms of use laid out on this page – the “Terms”

Terms of Use

Before you use the Site, you should read these terms carefully and keep a copy of them for your own records.

1. Agreement and Acceptance of Terms

Users can only use the Site if they agree to and accept the Terms. If you use the Site, you agree to and accept the Terms without any changes, additions, or removals.

2. Updating and Amending of Terms

The Terms can be changed or updated at any time without notice by the Owners or an agent acting on their behalf.

3. Description of Service

The site has information, reviews, news, and comparisons about dating and dating sites. 

The Site is neither a dating company nor a dating service provider. The Site does not accept dating site transactions or help with them.

4. Privacy

The Site’s privacy policy dictates how the Site and its owners manage information about the User.

Privacy Policy

5. Third-Party Websites

The Site has links to third-party websites outside of it, some of which offer dating services. The Site has no control over third-party websites, and it is not responsible or liable for their content, products, or other materials.

By going to a third-party website, you agree to follow all of its rules and terms of use. You also agree that neither the Site nor its owners are liable for any damage or losses suffered by a third-party website or in relation through the use of a third-party website.

6. Affiliate Disclosure

On, you can find affiliate URLs for shopping sites. If you buy something through one of these links, might get a small cut of the sale.

There are no markups on the price of what you buy. makes money when someone buys something by taking a cut of what the destination site makes. 

The money from these commissions makes better, so it can help more people get into dating platforms, an incredible form of media.

Among the things that will be done with these commissions are:

  • Web hosting fees and other costs 
  • Materials to read and research for future posts, reviews, lists, and more 
  • Payment to guest contributors’s editorial content and direction are not changed by the use of affiliate links.

7. User Obligations

As a User, it is your job to look at the rules and terms of use for any third-party websites. 

Before you use the services of any third-party website linked on the Site, it is your job as a User to check the laws in your area. 

As a User, you agree not to copy, sell, trade, or make copies of any of the content on the Site. 

When the Site lets the User send in content, you agree to the following as the User: 

  • You are the only author and owner of any content you submit. 
  • Any content you submit is true to the best of your knowledge. 
  • You can’t submit anything you know to be false, inaccurate, or misleading. 
  • Any content you submit is true to the best of your knowledge. 
  • You must not send any content that breaks the law or goes against a regulation. 
  • You must not post anything that could be seen as racist, defamatory, libelous, threatening, obscene, hateful, or discriminatory. 
  • You will protect the Site and its owners from any damage or loss caused by content you submit.

8. Disclaimer

The Site and its owners do everything in their power to make sure the information, content, and links on the Site are correct. 

As the User, you agree that the Site and/or the Owners can’t be held responsible or liable for any mistakes in the information, content, and links on the Site, or for any damage or loss caused by those mistakes. 

As the User, you understand and agree that you use the information, content, and links on the Site at your own risk.

You can’t and won’t blame the Site or its owners for any damage or loss of any kind caused directly or indirectly by the data, content, and links on the Site.

9. Reservation of Rights

The Site as well as the Owners keep all of their rights to the information and content on the site, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other proprietary rights. 

For any of the Site’s or the Owners’ rights to be used, the Site or the Owners must give written permission.

10. Notification of Inaccuracies and/or Copyright Infringement

If you, as a User, think that some of the information or content on the Site might be wrong or violate your copyright, you can let the Site know about it by following clause 11 of these Terms.

11. Questions Relating to these Terms

If you, as the User, have any questions about these Terms, you can get in touch with the Site as described in clause 11 of these Terms.

12. Contacting The Site

Information about how to get in touch with the Site can be found on the next page: 

Contact Us

13. Language of Terms

If there is a difference between the English version of these Terms and a version in any other language, the English version will be taken to be the one that applies.

14. Enforceable Clauses

If any of the rules in these Terms can’t be enforced in the country where the User lives, then those rules may not apply. 

If one or more of these clauses can’t be enforced, all of the other clauses still apply.