eharmony Review

eharmony is an excellent choice for single users looking for committed, long-term relationships. They evaluate core traits and values, matching statistically compatible people.

By creating matches based on personality type and common interests, eharmony sets people up who already have the fundamental principles of a successful relationship.

For 21 years, eharmony has utilized personal, proprietary questionnaires and algorithms to help people find an excellent match. Neil Clark founded the company in August 2000, and it has grown to become one of the most used dating apps out there.

The foundational operations of eharmony were developed by Neil Clark, a clinical psychologist qualified to create practical ways to match people looking for meaningful relationships.

Year Launched:2000
Cost:$35.90 – $65.90 per month
Membership Pool:16+ Million

eharmony is full of features, all based in a friendly setting with an important mission. It can be argued that it’s the most popular dating app in terms of getting positive user feedback. It does cater to a specific audience and may not be for everyone, depending on their dating goals.

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Is eharmony Worth It?

If you’re looking for the results the site has to offer, signing up for eharmony is worth the price for you! Taking advantage of their scientific approach can set you up for a successful, serious, and long-term relationship. If you’re not ready to commit to another person, there may be a better platform for you to use. Also, if you have a specific gender identity as part of the LGBTQ+ community, eharmony may not have the options you’re looking for to express yourself or find a specific type of match.

If you’re looking for a significant relationship, eharmony is worth the cost because it matches you with someone who fits you.

eharmony Pros and Cons:

  • Excellent user base and daily matches
  • High rate of long-term success
  • Scientifically proven approach
  • Wealth of features
  • Detailed explanations of why a match has been created
  • Limited options for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Limited options for free users, but still matches paid users with free ones
  • Long sign-up process
  • Lack of search option
  • Sends excessive emails

Overview of eharmony

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  • Founded in August 2000
  • Number of Active Users: 10 million +
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • The majority of Eharmony members are between the ages of 25 to 34
  • Specializes in forming committed, long-term types of relationships

eharmony is a well-balanced website that has served members since 2000. It’s been time-tested, and its scientific approach has been proven time and time again. This dating platform has led to countless meaningful relationships with one of the highest success rates of any app.

While there’s a healthy mix of ages and locations on the site, most members are between 25 to 34. This makes sense because that’s the age range of people who are notorious for wanting to start to settle down. The age range speaks to the site’s mission, emphasizing that it’s meant for long-term relationships, not casual dating.

There are more mature users than younger users, probably due to this reason. eharmony takes a more mature approach for people who know what they want and doesn’t cater very well to a fling-centered dating audience. While it doesn’t suit every dater’s needs, it does what it does exceptionally well. For people who align with the goals this site is trying to help them reach, eharmony is a home run.

Premium Membership Plans & Costs

Membership PackageMembership LengthPrice Per MonthTotal Cost

Premium Light

6 Months



Premium Plus

12 Months



Premium EXTRA

24 Months



eharmony offers different premium plans that only differ in terms of duration. Longer lengths of time cost less per month, but more in total. Eharmony frequently provides discounts on prices and will notify you if you create a free account.

The difference between a free account and a paid one is pretty substantial. Paid plans allow you to use their video dating feature, have unlimited messaging, and view unlimited photos. You can also see who’s visited your profile, use a distance search feature, and have access to detailed personality profiles of your matches. Those features can be invaluable to some daters!

eharmony is one of the only dating sites that allows users to pay off their total cost of membership in up to 4 monthly installments. Most dating sites require the entire payment upfront, making it difficult for many users to access. This convenient feature helps to increase the dating pool on eharmony and is one of the many reasons why so many people feel comfortable trusting the site.

Does eharmony Offer Free Trials?

eharmony does offer free trials! Their sign-up page encourages people to take advantage of this and sign up for free. While a decent number of premium features are available to paying members, the free trial is an excellent way to get started. It offers users many benefits that can get them started comfortably on their online dating journey.

While paying memberships allow for more communication, eharmony’s free trial can help people find great matches. Not all successful relationships found on eharmony require a paid membership. As far as dating sites are concerned, eharmony’s free trial is top-notch. It doesn’t severely pressure users to start paying, but it does encourage users to take advantage of the benefits a paid membership has to offer. Free trial members have nothing to lose and can create their profiles to get tailored matches to fit their personality type.

Which Features Can eharmony Members Use for Free?

By getting started with a free trial, users can create detailed profiles to start finding meaningful matches. They can also take their personality test to have unlimited access to matches curated to go well with their unique traits. They immediately have access to millions of other “relationship-minded” users and get daily matches. These matches are truly unlimited and won’t be cut off due to the lack of becoming a premium, paying member.

Smiles, icebreakers, and greetings are all available to free users. Connecting with matches with a free trial is easy and can be effective. There’s also limited messaging available that can open doors to more in-depth communication with matches. eharmony’s free trial is a great way to get started, get set up, and see if paying for a premium membership would benefit you.

When encouraging members to sign up for a free trial, eharmony lists the benefits. They mention their high-quality dating pool, elevated status as a dating platform, and attentive customer support services. They also say that over 2 million people have found love on their site. Their free features provide access to all of these benefits, allowing members to get a good feel for the site and the results they can achieve by using it.

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Do eharmony’s Premium Subscriptions Auto-Renew?

eharmony’s premium subscriptions auto-renew 24 hours before they expire. You’ll have to go through the cancellation process before this time to avoid being charged.

If you want to join today, you can start with a free trial!

Best Premium Membership Features

Premium memberships unlock some crucial features for users that can help foster stronger connections with their matches. While free trials provide access to curated matches, communication with them is limited. When a user becomes a premium paying member, it opens more contact options and more ways to discover details about their matches. Here are some of our favorite premium features.

Video Dating

The video dating feature is a great way to connect with matches. Instead of being limited to an online chat, matches can see each other in real-time and get a feeling for how their romantic interest communicates. Seeing someone on video allows matches to read each other’s body language, which is an outstanding factor when it comes to overall communication.

To access the video dating feature, both users must be online simultaneously and enable their devices’ microphones and cameras. At any time, a match can leave the date and prevent future communication with a failed connection.

This feature is almost essential in a post-pandemic world. More people are more comfortable than ever before using online video chats to complete imperative communicative endeavors, including work and dating.

With this feature, matches don’t need to disclose their personal phone number or contact information in order to speak more in-depth. They also don’t have to spend time and money going out for an in-person date without getting an adequate read of their chemistry first. Not to mention, people may be more comfortable sitting in their home environment than in a first-date setting. Video dating allows people to get to know each other at their own pace. By starting with video chat, nervousness during a first date can be deterred. Also, if it doesn’t go well, daters don’t need to find an excuse to leave an establishment. All they have to do is end the chat and move on to another prospect.

Unlimited Messaging

eharmony offers unlimited messaging with matches to premium users. While limited messaging is available for free users, their contact will get cut off unless they upgrade. This could pressure matches to give out their personal phone numbers or contact information too soon so they can continue the chat.

With unlimited messaging, this pressure is gone. That’s why this is one of our favorite premium features. It increases the safety and security of online daters while allowing them to contact matches at their convenience and to their heart’s desire, uninhibited.

View Unlimited Photos

You can’t always tell what someone looks like if you’re only looking at pictures from the same angle. Access to unlimited photos allows daters to see their matches and better understand their visual appearance. If a relationship is going to be successful, people need to be attracted to each other. While this can seem superficial, it’s simply a fact of life.

That makes seeing as many pictures as are posted an imperative factor in online dating. A few photos aren’t truly going to suffice. Also, if someone is very interested in a match and their appearance, it can be fun and enjoyable to review their pictures while they’re getting to know them. Before a video or in-person date, these photos are all a dater really has to go off of in terms of seeing the person they’re interested in. Seeing every photo they’ve posted is a great way to keep an accurate vision of a match in mind during the beginning of the dating process. That’s why viewing unlimited photos is one of our favorite premium features!

See Who’s Visited Your Profile

This premium feature is fantastic for all of the curious souls out there. While it’s fun and empowering to be matched with potential singles and find people who could end up being your person, it can be even more entertaining and fulfilling to know who’s interested in you! There’s nothing like being able to see who thinks you might be a great match for them.

Feeling wanted and valuable is essential to having confidence in the online dating process. This feature is one of our favorites because it emphasizes the fact that people are curious about your profile, and online dating isn’t a one-sided pursuit. Taking advantage of this premium feature can be worth the entire cost of membership for some users. Even if it doesn’t lead to a satisfying match, seeing that others are checking out your profile boosts confidence and makes for a more enriching experience overall.

Distance Search Feature

This premium feature helps make your relationship pursuits more feasible. One of the unknowns in online dating lies in whether or not you can act in relation to your match. While chatting is a wonderful experience, the end goal is to meet your match in person and spend time together. This is especially true when it comes to eharmony, since the focus is on finding a long-term, committed mate. Successful relationships require direct contact in order to build a life together. The distance search feature allows users to find matches where meeting is easy and convenient and wouldn’t require the purchase of a plane ticket.

People in the same area also may have more common ground than those who are farther apart. Connecting over shared places, sports teams, and local events can lead to a more satisfying relationship. That’s why the distance search feature can be an important catalyst in finding the perfect match. In our opinion, it’s an absolutely fundamental feature that justifies the price of premium membership on eharmony.

Accessing Detailed Personality Profiles of Matches

While it can be satisfying knowing that you’ve been matched based on your personality traits, being able to see how exactly you and your match are compatible can provide invaluable insight. You’ll be able to see what traits match with them and why, letting you know what a relationship with that person would be like. Also, some characteristics may be much more important to you than others, and you can get a good feeling for which ones your match possesses by having access to their detailed personality profile.

Every characteristic from the personality questionnaire is listed with scores for you and your match. This level of in-depth compatibility assessment is only available on eharmony. Since this site caters to people who are serious about dating, the people who use the site are likely to want to know this information and benefit from it. That’s why this level of accessibility is one of our favorite premium features on eharmony!

How to Sign Up with eharmony Online

It can take up to 45 minutes from registering your email address to seeing your first matches on eharmony. While this might seem a little long to some people, the process is enjoyable and essential to finding quality matches. That’s because this is the pivotal time when you’re creating your profile and taking personality questionnaires so your data can be used to find the people who are the best dating candidates for you, specifically.

Taking the process seriously and providing honest answers is the foundation of finding success on eharmony. The scientific approach can’t work if the right data isn’t there, and this is where you input who you are so the magic can work. With that being said, have fun and take your time getting set up if you want to. This is the core of the entire experience, and the more accurate your answers are, the better your matches will be!

Step 1: Creating Your Profile

The first step is to create your eharmony profile. You can use your email address or have the option to connect your Facebook account to the eharmony app. You start by filling in basic information like your name and age and create your login and password.

Next, come some general questions that lay the groundwork your matches will be based on. You’re asked to input your gender and what gender you’re seeking. For LGBTQ+ members, this could be more difficult as their options have yet to include some gender listings. Then, you’re asked to provide your height and body type to make sure you and your match will be attracted to each other. This is followed by religious and spiritual beliefs, which is a dealbreaker or dealmaker for some matches.

You’re asked if you smoke or drink to ensure you’re getting matches that are compatible with your lifestyle. Then, you fill in your ethnicity, nationality, location, and distance from your location that you’re willing to find matches within.

After that, we start getting to the fun part. eharmony asks you for your match preferences and how much you care about each listed characteristic in a partner. Thoughtful answers here will lead to more compatible matches!

Step 2: Personality Questionnaire

Now comes eharmony’s patented and carefully conducted personality questionnaire. This is what will make the algorithm work for you by creating a detailed personality profile and creating matches based on your answers. Thoughtful and honest answers are essential to making the science-based approach of eharmony provide you with matches that have a high probability of ending in a successful relationship.

There are 80 questions at the beginning of the questionnaire. They involve yes/no, either/or, and multiple-choice questions. These are followed up by “what would you do if –“ and “how would you respond to – ” questions that are more contextual and not as straightforward. This allows you to describe parts of your personality that can only be answered with open-ended questions.

These questions touch on your likes and dislikes, driving motivations, and personality characteristics. They also assess your communication style. Altogether, they paint an accurate picture that eharmony’s algorithm can use to find your high-quality matches.

eharmony Profile Questions Set 1

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the questions they’ll ask you!

eharmony Profile Questions Set 2

Step 3: Upload Pictures

The rest of the process is less time-consuming, and the majority of the work is done at this point. With that being said, it might take some time to choose the best pictures to upload! You want to put your best self forward and provide an accurate look at your appearance and lifestyle to your matches.

At this point, eharmony has already provided you with your first matches. They’ll let you know that profiles with pictures tend to be more successful. You’ll be able to upload up to 10 pictures to make your profile more appealing to your matches.

Attraction is a vital element of any successful, committed, long-term relationship. Make sure you’re posting pictures that show what you genuinely look like so you can find someone who’s truly interested in getting to know the real you! This isn’t the time for Photoshop and filters because your best connection is going to be interested in what you look like in real life. By posting authentic photos, you’re increasing your chances of finding the right person for you.

Step 4: About Me Questions

Now, eharmony will prompt you to answer some “About Me” questions to strengthen your profile and give matches a deeper look into who you are. These can be fun to fill out and help you score even more successful matches. In our opinion, they’re worth the time to complete thoughtfully because they can increase the probability of getting satisfying results.

First, you’ll be able to “introduce yourself” will a general bio. This is where you can state who you are, what you do, and the type of match you’re looking for.

Next, you can choose from a list of prompts, including:

  • My best attributes…
  • An odd habit of mine…
  • The most important thing I’m looking for in a person…
  • I spend my free time…
  • The most influential person in my life…
  • The first thing people notice about me…
  • My ideal first date…
  • My happy place…
  • My most unforgettable travel story…
  • I would describe my appearance like this…
  • I should do this more often…
  • I have a passion for…

And that’s not all! You can choose any many of these prompts as you want to answer, but none of them are required. Going with the prompts that speak to you is a great way to share more about yourself, so you can find a more fulfilling relationship. Taking the opportunity to fill out the prompts that are important to you can make your profile more attractive to compatible matches. Matches that are truly interested in getting to know you can go to your profile and learn how you’d answer these questions, making it more apparent that you might be the one they’re looking for.

Also, when these matches are perusing your profile, they can hit a “like” button on any one of these answers! This sends a “compliment” to your messages that can start a conversation. As far as we’re concerned, answering the “About Me” questions is an effective way to break the ice and create more meaningful connections on eharmony.

Step 5: Contacting Your Matches

Now that your profile’s complete, you’re ready to start contacting your matches! If you’re on a free trial, you can smile or wink at your matches to send them a positive signal. You can also take advantage of “ice breakers,” where you and your match are asked to choose five pictures or answer five questions to get the conversation going. Free trial members can also send those “compliments” to the About Me section by hitting the “like” button. Unfortunately, they can’t simply message their matches.

Premium members have the advantage of seeing who’s online and active. They can also send as many messages as they’d like to their matches. Premium members can also alter their filters to include matches that don’t necessarily match their profile. They can widen or narrow factors like age range and location to customize their match type.

When in doubt, you can rely on the eharmony app to provide you with communication tips. These can help you during the online dating process so you can connect with your matches more easily and effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions About eharmony

If you still have questions about eharmony and whether or not it’s worth your time, check out our answers to most commonly asked questions we see about the eharmony dating site.

What Type of Relationship Can You Find on eharmony?

eharmony primarily caters to singles who are seeking serious, committed, long-term relationships. This is not the best platform for people who are seeking friendship or are looking to date casually. Their scientific approach matches people with an in-depth analysis of their personality types. This leads to the potential for meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Is an eharmony Premium Membership Worth It?

While getting started with the free trial can allow users to find matches, they need a premium membership to communicate effectively with their matches. In our opinion, an eharmony membership is worth the money because of the valuable features their premium users can access. Paid plans allow access to their video dating feature, unlimited messaging, and the ability to view unlimited photos. You can also see who’s visited your profile, use a distance search feature, and have access to detailed personality profiles of your matches. These can make a difference in connecting with matches, as well as finding the best possible matches.

How Does eharmony Make Matches?

eharmony uses an advanced compatibility algorithm based on cognitive psychiatry. Through the use of a personality questionnaire, matches are made in accordance with the statistical probability of having a successful relationship. This platform uses a scientific approach to increase the likelihood of people getting long-lasting and fulfilling results.

Why Does eharmony Reject Some Prospective Members?

eharmony is committed to providing high-quality matches for users seeking long-term relationships. To preserve this caliber of quality, eharmony will reject some prospective members from joining their dating site. People who aren’t seeking long-term, committed relationships will be rejected. People who have been divorced 4 or more times will not be allowed access to the site either. Lastly, people suffering from major depressive disorders can’t join the site due to the statistical likelihood that they’ll have trouble forming long-lasting connections.

Is eharmony Safe to Use?

eharmony has an intensive verification process that ensures members are who they say they are. This makes eharmony one of the safest dating platforms out there. There are also premium features that allow users to avoid divulging personal information, like their phone number or contact information. All personal information and photos are safe and won’t be able to be accessed through a Google search.

Can You Get Rid of Matches on eharmony?

Yes, you can remove them by hitting the “x” that appears in the top corner above them. You can also restrict matches from being able to contact you in any form if they don’t end up being the person you’re looking for.

Is eharmony Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a more traditional type of relationship, eharmony is probably right for you. If you’re looking for casual dating or friendship, a different dating app will suit you better. Members of the LGBTQ+ community who are looking for specific gender identity inclusions may not find success on this site. Heterosexual users who are looking for long-term, committed relationships are likely to find success with the use of eharmony.

Does the eharmony App Work the Same as the Website?

Both the app and website of eharmony contain the same features. The app has slightly improved ease of use and a more streamlined format than the website, but both can be used for the same functions. Overall, the layout of the website and app is user-friendly and visually appealing.

Can You Use eharmony for Free?

You can get set up, make matches, and have basic contact with matches with a free trial. Users are encouraged to upgrade in order to have more effective communication with their matches. Plans vary in price from $35.90 to $65.90 per month, with the lower costs requiring a longer-term contract. Contracts can be made for the duration of 6, 12, or 24 months time.

How Long Can I Use eharmony for Free?

There’s no time limit on having a free “basic” membership on eharmony. It’s up to the individual member when and if they would like to upgrade their account to a premium account. Upgrading to a paid account allows users to access features that enhance the quality of communication with their matches.