10 Online Dating Icebreakers That Actually Work

It might be difficult to think of anything clever to say in your first message to a potential date you’ve found via a dating site. The tone of your chat depends on your initial message, and if all you can muster is “Hi,” things are probably already doomed from the get-go.

However, starting a conversation with a total stranger might be challenging if you don’t know much about their interests and desires; this is where icebreakers for dating sites can come in clutch!

Instead of saying a simple (and boring) “Hi” to someone on a dating site, try starting your conversation with a question or witty remark, a la the online dating icebreaker.

Since the key to success on dating sites is quantity, it’s crucial to craft memorable opening remarks that encourage people to swipe right–to the uninitiated, swiping right is a good thing. You must stand out from the crowd to avoid being lost in a mound of matches. You should try asking them a question related to anything they’ve said in their profile; questions that can’t be answered with “yes” or “no” are ideal for the first message. With this approach, there will always be someplace for the conversation to go.

Try one of these openers on a dating site; they’re sure to help you break the ice and get your match’s attention, even if you have doubts about making the first move. We present our list of the 10 best online dating icebreakers without further adieu!

How Long Do You Think You Would Last in a ‘The Last of Us’ Scenario?

Obviously, ‘The Last of Us’ can be substituted for a zombie outbreak, aka Dawn of the Dead, an apocalypse, or The Purge–you get the idea!

What Scene in a Supposed “Children’s” Movie Left You Scarred for Life?

Listen, some “kids” movies are deeply upsetting, and you never forget them. A few scenes that are burned into my psyche include that one in Bambi (IYKYK), the first seven minutes in Up, and the swamp of sadness scene in The Neverending Story (RIP Artax).

Every person who has ever watched a movie will relate to this particular icebreaker, and who doesn’t want to talk about their childhood trauma? We certainly want to share!

If You Could Have Coffee with Anybody, Living or Dead, Who Would It Be, and What Questions Would You Ask Them?

This icebreaker is a fan favorite and has been around longer than dating sites! The answers are always interesting, no matter who your potential match picks, and you can glean a lot about them from their response.

What Is the Absolute Worst Smell in the World, in Your Opinion, and Why?

This is a fun one: there are so many possibilities about which odors are absolutely intolerable to others that wouldn’t bother you at all!

Is There Anything That Always Makes You Cringe or Gives You the “Ick?”

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of this particular icebreaker–everyone has at least one or two things that make them cringe or give them the “ick.”

Who knows, you may even find out what your match’s deal-breakers are from this icebreaker, and you can steer clear of whatever it is.

If You Had to Erase either the DC or the Marvel Universe, Which One Would You Get Rid of and Why?

My answer to this will probably get me kicked out of social circles or even polite society, but I’m axing Marvel. Goodbye, Tony Stark! See ya, Captain America! Bon voyage, Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot can stay, I love Groot).

My reasoning is not rooted in any particular dislike of Marvel’s characters or storylines, and it’s just that I prefer the darkness of DC’s universe. I’ll take a depressed, brooding Batman over a talking raccoon any day of the week.

What Are Three TV Shows You Cannot Stand, but Everyone Else Loves?

Oh, I love this one, so I’ll go first.

  1. ‘Friends’: I have seen 11 minutes of the pilot episode but hated Ross so much that I never looked back.
  2. ‘How I Met Your Mother’: I don’t care to know the answer to this question and have no idea why this show is so beloved by so many.
  3. ‘The Walking Dead’: Yes, season one was good, and I have no beef with it. But there are now 22 seasons (I may be exaggerating) and 42 spin-offs (again, this may be an exaggeration), so I don’t get how people are still hardcore fans of this show.

If Money Didn’t Matter, What Would Be Your Dream Job?

Look, if money didn’t matter, I would have no “dream” job. In fact, my dream is not to work ever again. But I am lazy, and many people have careers they would have pursued if money was not a factor! This is a great icebreaker to get another person to open up about their hidden talents or hobbies.

You Can Pick Any Place in the World to Relocate To, All Expenses Paid. Where Are You Moving to and Why?

I love this icebreaker–everyone has a dream destination, at least for a vacation, so what if that idyllic getaway could be your full-time home? Oh, the possibilities!

What Would You Choose if You Could Only Listen to One Musical Genre for the Rest of Your Life?

I would not be able to answer this query, as it’s a real thinker. Only one genre? Please don’t ever send me this icebreaker on a dating site. While it’s an interesting question, it’s not one I want to entertain.

Final Thoughts

Your potential partner will appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to make contact with them, whether by asking a meaningful question or making a lighthearted joke. Look outside the box and don’t overanalyze it; all it takes is one decent question to unleash a whole multiverse of possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to get silly with these online dating icebreakers–dating should be fun!