6 Fun Online Conversation Topics

The longer you partake in online dating, the more you start to hate that basic getting-to-know-you conversation. Before you know it, your conversations are short and related to the weather and how your day was. There are an infinite number of things that you can learn about an online match – if you only know what to ask. Never be stuck for conversation by trying out these six fun online conversation topics.

1. Have You Ever Met a Celebrity?

You might be amazed to find out how many people have never had a brush with a celebrity. Some people find the opportunity awe-inspiring. Living in coastal Carolina, where there is a film studio, I’ve met my fair share. But if someone asks, I love to recap how I made a change for Rachelle Lefevre. I asked, “Has anyone ever told you to look like that red-headed vampire chick from Twilight?” and she winked through her sunglasses and said she was. Or, my personal favorite, Sleepy Hollow’s Orlando Jones, came into a restaurant I was at, and I told him I loved him. Finally, plenty of my friends have ran into Dean Norris and even called him Hank (Breaking Bad) in public – and he responded! Meeting celebrities is fun. Share your stories.

2. What Are Two Unanswered Questions of Life, the World, etc., and Why?

This question is great because it lets you catch a glimpse of the way another person thinks. One question that I have asked and still wonder is why we eat eggs. Sure, they taste great, but who woke up one day and said, “You know what probably tastes really good? Unborn baby chickens.”

While you are hashing out your opinions on the various topics, you can laugh about the strange world that we live in.

3. Do You Identify with Any Fictional/Historical People, and Why?

We all have different heroes and role models. This question taps into that. Each of you can express those who you can relate to. Maybe you feel empowered to change the world because of a bad situation like Erin Brockovich or can relate to the outcast high school social life of the cast of The Breakfast Club. Whatever it is, why do you feel that way? How can you compare your life and goals to those of these characters?

4. What Is One of the Funniest Things to Ever Happen to You?

There are a lot of interesting things that can happen in your life. You probably have a few that you don’t think about often – and so does your date. Recently I was reminded an unfortunate time in the 6th grade when my class was at the biological field station for the day. There was no bathroom, and my friend and I really needed to pee. Being inexperienced at peeing outdoors, we managed to get it on our jeans and had to spend the rest of the day with a sweatshirt tied around our waists. At the time, it would have been humiliating if anyone found out. But some 20 years later, it’s a pretty funny story to rehash.

5. Have You Ever Pulled or Been Victim of a Prank?

These questions are really designed to get you to know the deeper parts of someone. The conversations should be fun and funny. This question is another good choice because it gives you both the chance to recap some of your favorite memories from high school and college. For example, I often tell the story of how my college roommate would pull little pranks on me. Finally one day, when she was in the shower, I took her towel and shoes out of the shower. I then took all of her clothes and mine (our room was right next to the shower) out of the closet and tossed them onto the lounge furniture. When she finished her shower, she didn’t know what to do. She ended up coming out wrapped in the shower curtain (gross on a college campus) and, of course, quickly found out she was going to have to face everyone in the lounge just to get her clothes back. She never played another prank on me after that!

6. Have You Ever Tried Something That You Thought Wouldn’t Be Fun, but Was?

I’m a big fan of the phrase, “Don’t knock it ‘til you rock it!” In other words, don’t say you don’t like something until you actually give it a try. That being said, it’s always interesting to hear the types of things that other people want to try or do try and end up loving completely.

A conversation with these questions will be engaging and interesting – therefore keeping your match interested in you. Try these out, and you’ll surely stand out from the rest of the online matches.