The Perks of the Over 50 Crowd

The more seniors I talk to, the more I realize that they really have it made when it comes to dating. Think about this – when you are younger, in your so-called “prime” dating years, your focus is one finding that special someone who will help you create the life you have been dreaming of. Now that you are older, that life has been lived. You have had the chance to experience many of the things you hoped for.

Now that you are alone again, you are looking for something different. Finding love isn’t necessarily about starting a new life with someone else but about having someone who you can enjoy the future without the stress of trying to achieve your youthful hopes and dreams. As your perspective on dating changes, so do the perks of dating as a senior.

Bad Dates Aren’t Personal

For the 20 and 30-something dating crowd, a bad date feels like the end of the world. Hopeless attitudes sink in, and we start to wonder if we are ever going to find our one and only. But seniors have a different few. A bad date is just a bad date. You have learned not to take it personally when there is no chemistry or you find your date absolutely dreadful. The dating experience is more enjoyable because your perception is not “everyone should like me” but instead, “I’ll keep searching for that one person who is just right for me.”

You Can Revisit Old Flames

It is always amazing to see older couples who found each other again after decades. Dating as a senior gives you the perfect opportunity to rekindle old flames. Timing can be everything in the game of love. For some people, that perfect timing occurs later in life. Embrace it. See where it takes you. It is never too late to try again and enjoy epic love.

It’s Easy to Enjoy Love, Again

How exciting is it to be in love? That warm feeling when you think of the other person. The little ping of excitement you feel when they call. The anxious feelings you have while you wait to see them again. Just because you are older does not mean that these feelings have changed. Love may feel different later in life – because you understand it more. However, it will still have that same joy and nuance that you remember from your youth. As a senior, dating allows you to enjoy that fresh, revitalized feeling all over again.

Life is About the Little Things

My married friends – Alex and Kayla – are my model of a relationship that is all about the little things. While many of my friends are happy with expensive jewelry or concert tickets for the holidays, these two do something together that is free. They take day trips, start a hobby together, or simply find a way to spend time together that is not about spending money on gifts. Much of my generation finds it hard to understand that relationships and love are not about those material things but, in fact, about the memories you can make along the way. Seniors are privileged to know this secret to life and dive into it while they are dating.