How to Make Yourself “Pop” Online

Whether you’ve been trying out internet dating for a day or a year, you are probably wondering what is the difference between getting lots of views and seeing very few. You’ve put up some good photographs. You took the time to fill out your profile with plenty of detail. You try to be interactive with the site. Yet you are still struggling to find matches or get any attention. This is the classic case of blending in online.

Unlike when you were in high school and you wanted to fit in with everyone, online, you want to stand out. Standing out in the internet dating world is a tad more complex than coming up with a funny tagline, username, and a good headshot. While these things are vital to success, the real golden ticket comes from making your profile picture “pop”. You want your picture to have that “Wow!” or “Wait, who was that!” factor that makes users scroll back up and stare at you.

How do you achieve that? With these four tricks.

1. Keep It Natural

The dolled-up version of you is not the real you – unless you take that time every single day to make yourself look like that. One of the best compliments I was ever paid by an online match was when he said that what attracted him most to me was that I was naturally beautiful. Sweet right? Women especially can benefit from keeping it natural. Use subtle makeup to highlight your favorite features like your eyes or cheekbones.

Use a selfie stick for a better shot

You probably aren’t looking to hire a professional to take your dating pictures, nor do you want to involve your friend – and that’s okay. But taking your own selfies is hard work. Usually, they come out grainy and have weird angles. Give yourself a hand with a selfie stick. This handy gadget lets you take pictures from a distance by simply holding your phone on the end of the stick. Dress yourself up, stand against a plain wall, and snap away.

2. Smile Warmly and Look into the Camera

When a user scrolls through and sees your picture, they should feel like you are looking right at them. Men, in particular, should focus on a subtle smile. Remember that a big, teeth-bearing grin can be a bit intimidating. Make sure that your profile picture gives that look of “Hey, I’m the one for you.” through your eye contact and smile, which allows them to “connect” with you.

3. Wear Bright Colors

Studies have proven that men love the look of women who wear red. Why not give it a spin on your dating profile? Our minds are designed to associate certain colors with feelings. For example, a study performed by Columbia University revealed that the color combo of yellow and red makes people think they want food because their brains associate it with McDonalds. When I was a waitress, I wore this color combo often in an effort to get people to order more food. I like to think it worked. Bright-colored tops help your profile stand out from the sea of black and grey that most people wear today.

4. Exclude Other People and Things

Your primary profile picture does not need to feature your friends, family, kids, pets, or hobbies. Let it be just of you. After all, that is what people are looking for – right?