Dumped Over Text? Here’s What To Do Next

Breakups are nowhere near desirable events. They are always unpleasant regardless of how, where, or why a breakup happens. However, if there’s anything that makes a breakup harder than necessary, it’s getting dumped over text. Being dumped over text usually means that your ex refuses to give you the compassion, sympathy, and closure you need while disregarding your due respect.

Unfortunately, being dumped via text robs you of your power and authority and hinders your capacity to express yourself. Additionally, it can destroy your self-esteem and lead to anxiety that could have been prevented by merely having a proper ten-minute conversation, leading to an amicable breakup.

Luckily, if you’ve had a breakup in this manner and are finding it difficult to move on, you’ve come to the correct place. This post will help you determine what you should and shouldn’t do after experiencing a breakup over text.

5 Things To Do After Being Dumped Over Text

Since it can be difficult to determine what you should do after being disrespected and dumped over text, we want to help. That’s why we’ve listed five of the things you should do after you’ve been broken up with over text message. If you keep these tips in mind, you will likely get over your ex and set your sights on someone better in no time.

1. Be The Better Person And Give Them Some Space

It’s encouraged that you stop contacting them and cease any informal (or formal) discussion until your ex provides a reason for their decision to dump you over text. You will only experience more sorrow and suffering if you try to maintain your friendship or check in with them while trying to learn why they dumped you over text.

It’s almost like putting salt in the wound if you constantly try to contact them or see them to learn their reasoning. That’s why it’s best to ignore them and give them and yourself space to come to terms with what has happened. When you allow yourself time away from them without running after your ex, you’ll see how much happier you will be in a short time.

Yet, we understand how challenging it is to resist reaching out and asking for another chance. This is why you need to remember your self-respect and self-value rather than merely self-control. After all, you don’t want to give your devious ex the satisfaction of still having control over you after the breakup.

Additionally, by not running after your ex, you will recover faster if you move forward while putting your needs first, exploring coping mechanisms to help you feel at peace, and engaging in activities to keep you active and upbeat. You can do all this by spending time with individuals who make you smile and engaging in old hobbies that provide you with joy.

2. Consider Scheduling An Appointment With A Local Therapist

Having family and friends by your side is lovely during trying times. Yet, if you’ve been broken up with over text and you’re having problems severing your relationship with your ex, you might wish to consider going to a therapist.

A therapist understands it’s not simple to leave a partnership and adopt a single persona. Their experience and qualifications can be a great resource in teaching you to develop cognitive tools that can help you refocus your emotions and move on if you find yourself dwelling on the past.

In addition, relationship therapists offer a rare chance to consider the adjustments you want to make within your lifestyle to get over your ex with as little fuss as possible. Ultimately, the more time you spend concentrating on making a dire circumstance (your breakup over text) into a life-changing experience, the less time you will spend focusing on your past relationship.

3. Make An Appointment For An Appearance Change

Okay, let me be clear about this. Don’t, I repeat, don’t chop off your locks in a fit of rage after a breakup. Although I don’t recommend giving yourself a haircut, a professional cut or color may be a terrific way to rejuvenate your look and provide you with the self-confidence boost you need after a text breakup.

After you’ve fixed your hair, you need to consider purchasing new clothes, shoes, and perfume that remind you of you and your style and not what they liked seeing you in. This might seem drastic, but it will go a long way in helping you reconnect with yourself while forgetting about your ex and text breakup.

4. Block Them From All Your Social Media

It’s challenging to live without social media as it has evolved into such a crucial communication tool. While we won’t advise you to avoid Instagram or your other preferred social media sites, we urge you to remove your ex from your friend lists entirely.

Additionally, if you have friends in common that could unintentionally cause your ex to surface on your newsfeed or in other places, we advise blocking these “friends” too – at least for the time being. While blocking your ex can be upsetting, we promise you’ll feel much better once you have fewer notifications of them springing up everywhere!

5. Visit Your Local Shelter

Now, we’re not saying you should head to your nearest shelter to adopt an animal during your time of need. Yet, we encourage participating in a little puppy or cat loving by volunteering at the animal shelter in your community to get your mind off your text breakup fiasco.

Before heading directly to a local shelter, you can reach out to see if you can contribute, and if so, why not look forward to some fun with some furry companions (without the obligations)? It might not be your immediate go-to fun’ option, but it can be a wonderful and healthy diversion if you are the kind of individual who is cheered up by animals.

In no time, you’ll be more focused on your furry friends and future and less concerned with your ex or their questionable breakup behaviors.

5 Things Not To Do After Being Dumped Over Text

Now that you know what you should do, it’s great to learn what you shouldn’t do. We have listed five tips below to give you an idea and a solid foundation when trying to get over an ex.

1. If They Don’t Reply, Don’t Bother Contacting Them Anymore

It’s time to step back if your ex has not answered your texts, direct messages, comments on social media, and any other manner of communication. You must be willing to honor their choice and relationship stance because they may not wish to communicate with you, and there is nothing you can do.

When someone has been disrespectful and broken up with you over text, the last thing you should do is run after them because it’s not healthy for you or them. After all, their silence conveys everything you ought to know concerning the likelihood of reconciliation or rekindled friendship – and let’s be real, why would you want to be friends with someone so hurtful?

2. If Texting Doesn’t Benefit You Both, Don’t Do It

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t communicate unless you were sure it would benefit both sides. That implies that you shouldn’t contact your ex after they have dumped you via text simply because you’re bored, depressed, or lonely. If you don’t think it will make your ex feel better, it’s best not to contact them.

This is especially true if you’re only reaching out to learn what went wrong with the relationship. However, reaching out to your ex to apologize for your past behavior and make them feel validated rather than just clearing your conscience can help with closure.

So weigh your options and carefully consider if solely texting or messaging to call or meet up in person will make things worse or better after you’ve received the dreaded breakup text.

3. Don’t Idolize Your Ex

Following a breakup, it’s normal to think of your ex as the most incredible human being ever. But believe me, your ex is not flawless (and this likely applies to you too). If you idolize your ex even after they have broken up with you over text, you’ll encourage the erroneous notion that you’ll likely never discover another person like them. This is toxic and can lead to many problems in future relationships, so don’t hyper-fixate on their positive traits while disregarding the negative ones!

4. Don’t Air Their Dirty Laundry Or Expose Their Secrets

Telling Secrets

Speaking poorly of your ex and exposing their secrets (dirty or otherwise) makes you seem like the bad guy. So, be the better person and refrain from speaking out against them in a negative light following a breakup, even when you’re grieving, unless it’s called for.

Instead, find a great counselor or dating guru you like and respect to assist you in managing your feelings. You can’t go wrong with a trained professional if you must vent to someone and need a way to get over your ex and breakup situation healthily.

5. Don’t Turn To Substances To Cope

A few cocktails or a 420 session with friends could turn into an unhealthy habit if you turn to substances after being broken up with via text. After all, utilizing substances to cope and manage your emotions delays the inevitable and keeps you off the path to acceptance longer than it should.

Additionally, it can lead to developing a new, more severe issue that you will eventually have to deal with. So rather avoid substances altogether.

Wrap-Up On What To Do After Being Broken Up With Over Text

When an individual is dumped over text, it can take time to begin feeling yourself. In addition, realizing that the separation you endured was actually a benefit in disguise and a chance to discover a more suited companion typically takes some time.

Yet, no matter how long it takes, you don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself for the way you were broken up with. You cannot control how someone else chooses to break up with you, so it’s best to focus on acceptance and the future to move past this often traumatic relationship experience.

After being dumped via text, you should move on confidently, knowing that the person you assumed would be in your life forever likely lies in your past rather than your future, and that a future love is something to look forward to.