How Using a Dating Guru Can Help up Your Game

Unfortunately, finding love isn’t always a bed of roses when considering today’s modern dating scene. Research published in the 2019 Pew Research survey stated that most single Americans were “discontent” with their dating lives. Fast forward and enter COVID-19 into the conversation in 2020, and you add yet another level of complexity to the dating environment.

With the ever-changing dating landscape, single people everywhere find it challenging to deal with the various obstacles in dating and relationships. As such, many single, married, or dating individuals are now seeking the expertise of dating gurus to help them up their dating game.

So, what is a dating guru? And how can they help you up your game? Read on to uncover the answers to these questions and more.

What Is a Dating Guru?

First things first, what exactly is a dating guru? You might have heard this phrase popping up more and more lately, and it’s for good reason because more people could benefit from hiring one.

Ultimately, a dating guru, also known as a dating coach, is an individual who helps you navigate the dating world. Because, let’s face it, dating in today’s society can be stressful, disheartening, and frequently feel like the least of your concerns.

Even though dating is stressful for most of us looking for love and connections and occasionally friendships, we still put up with it in the hopes of finding happiness. Yet, the journey can be complicated and stressful, and sometimes, I feel like it isn’t worth it.

A guru assists you with the dating aspect of your life so that you can find or hold onto love while continuing with your daily life. They make it worth it. Depending on the guru you choose, you can expect comfort, assurance, relationship knowledge, and, might we even say, fun!

What Does a Dating Guru Do?

Now that you know what a dating guru is, you’re likely wondering what they do.

A dating guru is hired to help you improve your chances of finding a successful relationship. A guru’s approach can differ substantially depending on their skills and talents. One guru might specialize in working with men, the other in working with women, and still another in working with individuals of all gender and sexual identities.

However, whatever the strategy, a dating guru will attend to two of your fundamental requirements when helping you up your game:

  • Your objectives and what you hope to gain from dating during this time in your life.
  • Your difficulties with dating and how to overcome them to find love.

Additionally, some dating gurus concentrate on the strategic side of things, especially those who are online dating specialists. So an online dating guru can assist individuals who are dating online by:

  • Introducing you to new dating technology, websites, and apps that match your needs and preferences.
  • Modifying or revising your profiles for online dating to help you make the best possible first impression when dealing with future potential partners.
  • Consulting on body concerns, appearance, and instruction regarding how to look and present yourself so you can demonstrate your full potential when dating.
  • Assistance with picture sessions so that you can have the best

Who Needs a Dating Guru?

Looking at other online sources could make you believe that dating gurus are better suited (or rather, only suitable) to those looking for a committed relationship with one partner of a different sex. Contrary to what our culture would have us believe, however, this isn’t true.

Online dating gurus work with a diverse range of clients with various relationship goals. People who gain from dating gurus, for instance, are those who:

  • Have dating differences that stray from the norm based on sexual orientation and gender. (LGBT+)
  • Recognize they have difficulties dating and need to overcome fears and insecurities to find a suitable partner who will love them unconditionally.
  • Are in a committed relationship but want to keep ‘dating’ their partner to keep the spark alive and the relationship thriving.
  • Recognize or have a suspicion that polygamy isn’t suitable for them.
  • Are still discovering what they desire from long-term relationships.
  • Are aware that they desire to be involved in a serious relationship or partnership in the future, just not right now, and simply wish to enjoy themselves in the interim.
  • Are now investigating their sexual orientation, and online dating is a step in that direction.

7 Ways a Dating Guru Can Help up Your Game

Now that you know what a dating guru is and who needs one, it’s time to discuss how a dating guru can help you up your game. We have listed these seven ways below and encourage you to contact a guru if you need help in your dating life.

1. Help You Understand Your Partner Better

Gurus aren’t just for single souls seeking love but also those in long-term committed relationships. Relationship issues between spouses can frequently be attributed to a lack of understanding. A dating guru can assist couples in bettering their knowledge of one another.

For example, you might be shocked to discover that you and your partner now understand each other better and can read indications, nonverbal cues, and viewpoints after attending your guru’s sessions.

Ultimately, hiring a dating guru could help you comprehend others better and relearn why you fell in love in the first place. Additionally, with the help of a dating guru, you’ll get a deeper knowledge of how to spot potential issues and strive to address them before they become future problems.

2. Help You Handle Dating Crisis


As you know, dating isn’t smooth sailing all the time. You will likely encounter a few dating crises’ along the way – especially if you’re looking for a romantic partner to spend your life with. If you hire a dating guru, they can help you up your game by teaching you how to deal with tricky dating situations.

For example, a dating guru can help you plan escape plans ahead of time that are plausible and not hurtful. Some gurus might even offer to be your emergency ‘get out of jail’ free card if you’re on a date that is heading south swiftly.

A dating guru can also teach you how to diffuse a situation. For example, picture this: you’re with a date, and they don’t like your opinion on something, and you can sense a blowout argument coming soon with all eyes on your table.

If you didn’t see a dating guru, you might not know how to diffuse this situation and leave amicably. But if you do, your guru would have taught you how to react and when not to react to ensure you can get away with minimal backlash.

Ultimately, knowing how to avoid a dating crisis can save you time, energy, and money in the long run. With crisis-avoiding skills, you’re a step closer to the right direction where your future partner awaits.

3. Help You Interact More

Whether in a short-term or long-term relationship, a dating guru can help you interact more with those you date. Since most people lead busy lives, it can be challenging to know when and how to engage in a deep (or lighthearted) conversation or initiate a meet-up with another person. This is where a dating guru enters the conversation.

With help from a dating guru, you can gain the necessary communication skills to help you interact with your long-time partner or those you’re dating.

4. Help You Tear down the Obstacles

Negative obstacles, particularly psychological ones, can harm a romantic connection which is why you need to tear down these obstacles when dating casually or in the long term.

Unfortunately, many different obstacles frequently cause relationships to stagnate. For example, if you are insecure about how you look or believe that your partner is dating you for your money, these obstacles can mean the death of a healthy relationship if left unchecked.

In these situations, a dating guru can help you immensely because they will know how to get you to tear down these obstacles. It might not happen overnight, but eventually, you will notice a difference in your mental and physical barriers that usually prevent you from making a real connection with another person.

5. Help You Strategize

Most gurus will ask their customers to list their ideal partner’s qualities. These customers often have multiple notes on characteristics, including physiological, spiritual, and occupational factors. Once you have compiled a list, your guru will go through it and help you determine what matters.

In doing this, they will help you learn that no one is perfect and help you narrow down what you’re really seeking in a future romantic partner. After all, most gurus claim that once your list is reduced, it is simpler to remember what matters most when you’re actively dating someone.

They will also help you strategize your dating approach and what you can do better to secure more dates. Even married couples can benefit from strategizing as it can help keep dates fun and fresh, leading to a more spontaneous and adventurous relationship.

So go to a dating guru and be honest with them, as they can’t help you up your game without knowing what you really want to achieve.

6. Help You Be More Receptive

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard of ladies who won’t date shorter men (shoutout to our short kings) and men who won’t date women with fuller figures. Even though we all have our likes and dislikes, those who wish to discover a healthy relationship should be focused less on the superficial and more on what’s real. After all, such things only place restrictions on you.

With the help of a dating guru, you can learn how to look beyond the surface level and the superficial. A guru can help you be more receptive to what’s real and what matters so that you don’t base all your future relationships on looks alone.

When you learn how to do this, you’ll likely be surprised to see how much better your matches are and how those you don’t generally ‘go for’ are the gems you need in your life.

7. They Help You Achieve Excellent Dating Results

Simply put, consulting with a dating guru can resolve your dating-related issues. They will work alongside you to help you discover the appropriate solutions to your challenges.

For example, if you get performance anxiety in the bedroom, they can help you find solutions to curb it or fix it. Or if you find it difficult to talk to women (or men), they can teach you date-appropriate communication skills that won’t leave you floundering at your next restaurant meet-up with a romantic interest.

Additionally, dating gurus provide immediate outcomes that might significantly improve your “lack of a date” problem sooner rather than later. So consider speaking with one if you want to improve your dating game and be more confident with the opposite (or same) sex.


Ultimately, a dating guru can help you with every aspect of dating, from overcoming personal obstacles and fears to learning how to communicate better and diffuse tricky dating situations. Couples and individuals alike can benefit from a good dating guru’s expertise and abilities. With everything a dating guru can teach you, you can significantly up your dating game with their help. Reach out to a qualified guru today!