How to Ring in Your First Relationship Anniversary

Anniversaries are big occasions that deserve to be celebrated. If your and your partner’s first relationship anniversary is fast approaching, you mustn’t disappoint. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking forward to an anniversary only to be faced with a drab event and a lackluster gift.

Since so much pressure is placed on getting it right, we know it can be uber-challenging to plan the perfect occasion. That’s why we want to help you ring in your first relationship anniversary the right way with minimum stress or fuss. So, continue reading to uncover the ten most romantic, thoughtful, and exciting ways you can spend your anniversary with the person you love.

Top 10 Ways to Ring in Your Relationship Anniversary

Celebrating a first relationship anniversary shouldn’t feel like a chore. Since you likely lead a busy life and don’t have time to try and ‘reinvent the wheel’ as it relates to anniversary date ideas, you should consider the options we’ve discussed below.

Each idea ranges from intimate and romantic to lighthearted and exciting, so you’re sure to find a date idea that your partner will love.

1. A Scavenger Hunt around the House

If you and your partner enjoy fun activities, there is little that could make you both happier than an exciting scavenger hunt around your home. This type of activity demands a significant amount of creative insight.

Yet, it is usually highly rewarding when you see the grin on their face as they search out the things you have hidden. To plan the perfect hunt, all you need are sticky notes, numerous little awards, and a grand prize.

We recommend making the prizes romantic and thoughtful instead of silly and meaningless. Additionally, you should avoid making it overly complicated or too long, as the very last thing you want is for your partner to lose interest.

2. Send Various Heart-Related Gifts Their Way to Show Your Love

Is your love for your partner never-ending, and do you feel you can’t figure out a way to accurately demonstrate how you feel? Why not physically show them by placing heart-shaped surprises in and around the house? For example, you can:

  • Wake them up on the morning of your anniversary with a sentimental heart-shaped anniversary card.
  • Draw hearts followed by an “I love you” message written on your bathroom mirror.
  • List everything you love about your partner on heart-shaped post-it notes and stick them onto the things they use the most, like their laptop, phone, or car keys.
  • Amaze your lover with a pizza in the shape of a heart during a candle-lit dinner.

3. Watch a Romantic Film, outside beneath the Stars

Despite what you might believe, film dates can be considered a highly affectionate activity, suitable for a first relationship anniversary. This is especially true if you combine a romantic film with stargazing.

This is another anniversary idea that won’t cost much to execute. You’ll need a mobile streaming service, a laptop or projector, blankets, snacks, and drinks to enjoy a film experience beneath the stars.

However, if you don’t have the necessary equipment or feel a film beneath the stars at home is too boring, you can head to a local drive-in theater and enjoy an evening out on the town together.

4. Book a Spa Day for Two

Let’s face it: relationships are tiring and can do a number on your skin and body. So why not consider booking a spa day or trip for you and your significant other for your first relationship anniversary?

Depending on where you choose to go, you can both enjoy everything from a hot stone massage and facial to a Swedish massage and mani and Pedi to relieve achy muscles and rejuvenate tired-looking skin.

Your partner will appreciate the time away and love that you’re taking the time to bond with them while you both relax and unwind. If you don’t have a large spa budget, you can even book local specials on coupon websites to see if you can get a discount before making an appointment. Trust us, no matter the price, your partner will love you for it.

5. Make Arrangements for a Luxury Romantic Hotel Stay

There is something quite special about unfamiliar surroundings that makes life more intriguing. So why not consider scheduling a romantic evening at a luxury hotel for your anniversary if you want to stoke the flames of romance?

Nowadays, your romantic getaway options are seemingly endless. For example, your anniversary lodging choices include five-star hotels, resorts, private cabins, and bed and breakfasts. Most places have various anniversary or romance packages, so inquire before deciding.

When choosing accommodation, be sure to factor in your partner’s hobbies and interests. You can select a place to stay that matches their style, likes, and desires. For example, if your partner loves the ocean and enjoys an entertaining nightlife, you can book a beach villa stay at a resort where drinks and meals are included for a week-long getaway!

Moreover, you should ensure that the staff knows you are celebrating your anniversary wherever you go. If you’re fortunate, they’ll throw in some complimentary wine or other upscale extras to make your anniversary even more special.

6. Make a Delicious Meal Together

Has your partner been nagging you to learn to cook so you can take care of dinner occasionally? Or do you and your partner like to watch cooking competitions together? If so, why not consider booking a cooking class as a first relationship anniversary, especially if you’re both foodies.

Taking a cooking class will not only gain you a new skill, but it will also show your partner that you truly care about their needs and want to take care of them. After you’ve taken the class together, you can spoil them by taking a stab at preparing a special supper on your own, complete with refreshments, an entrée, a main dish, and dessert.

Should you and your partner want to continue the cooking journey together and keep having fun, you can always choose a cooking tutorial together, go shopping for the products, and then try to recreate that dinner as best you can. Trust us; they’ll love your effort because good food is a balm to the soul.

7. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Every detail of your life is shared with your partner when you’re in a romantic relationship. You’ve likely spent the last year on many dates, finding places you love while working toward creating a comfortable life together.

So why not reminisce on the year gone past on your first relationship anniversary by looking back on your year together? To do this, you can spend time making a map showcasing all the places important to your relationship.

It might be as simple as printing a Google map and placing hearts at each stop, or you can get more involved by using string to connect the dots and create a detailed look into your adventures throughout the year.

Additionally, you could spend the day scrapbooking and going through photographs of the year gone by. Doing this will help you connect on a deeper level since you’ll be remembering why you’re perfect for each other.

8. Book a Cruise or Sail on a Vessel

Does your partner love the ocean, or do they have an adventurous spirit? Why not think outside the box by taking them on a cruise or a sailing trip on your first relationship anniversary?

You can reserve a day charter yacht for a tour, depending on your budget. During this tour, you can spend a memorable evening cruising over the sea and admiring the sky as the sun sets while eating canapes and sipping champagne.

If you have a significantly larger budget, you can take your partner on a cruise that sets sail on your anniversary. When booking a cruise, consider the places or countries they have always wanted to travel to and the type of entertainment they like, and you can choose a cruise liner accordingly.

Since cruises often last a couple of days to a few weeks or months, you can spend time reconnecting and focusing on your relationship and the future.

9. Buy Multiple Thoughtful Presents

Anniversary presents can range from simple and inexpensive to extravagant and expensive. Yet, whether your presents to your partner cost a couple of hundred dollars or a few thousand, offering them to your partner on your anniversary is one of the best ways to ring it in.

Remember your partner’s likes and dislikes when choosing gifts because getting them the wrong present could ruin your first relationship anniversary.

To that end, it’s best not to buy gag or comedic gifts, as they could be taken the wrong way. After all, you don’t want your partner to feel like you don’t take your relationship seriously. Instead, think back to what they have said they liked in the past, and you won’t go wrong.

For example, if they love traveling, book them a travel vacation and a few essential travel items, or if they have been eyeing a particular jewelry item, buy it for them. Once you start thinking about what they love, you’ll soon learn that the gift-giving options are endless.

10. Schedule a Couples Photoshoot

Your first relationship anniversary is the ideal opportunity to have a professional photo session with a talented and reputable photographer that fits your budget. Yet, be wary of choosing someone that’s too cheap or has too few good reviews, as you don’t want your photoshoot anniversary experience to be terrible.

Additionally, part of ensuring your couple’s anniversary shoot is a success is choosing the right location and letting your partner know ahead of time so they can look their best. Fortunately, this is relatively simple to achieve if you choose a museum, park, or monument that is known for being the perfect backdrop.

Once professionally edited and printed, you can frame the likely fantastic pictures and display them in your home as a constant reminder of your love.

Wrap-up on How to Ring in Your First Relationship Anniversary

There are many original first relationship anniversary ideas and activities available. As you can see, you can travel back to where you first met, organize a romantic dinner for two, go on a memorable trip together, or even plan a small treasure hunt with hidden gifts and notes.

Ultimately, no matter what you choose to do, as long as it’s from the heart and your partner can see the time and effort you committed, you’re sure to ring in your first relationship anniversary successfully.