Dating a Know It All? Here Is How to Cope

Dating a know it all can turn a great relationship into a toxic one very quickly. More often than not, arguments become more frequent because one partner has convinced themselves that they are always right and that their word is unquestionable.

Additionally, often people who think they know it all have the keen ability to turn good conversations into arguments and happy events and get together into morose and dissatisfying gatherings. Unfortunately, many may feel like there is no solution, but trust us when we say there is. We’ll show you the solution by offering tips to help you cope with dating a know-it-all partner.

The Problem with Know-It-Alls

The issue with know-it-all partners is that they often won’t budge on their views, and most want to continue explaining their point of view until you see things their way. This can come across as annoying and arrogant, turning once-loving feelings into sour ones over time.

Unfortunately, many know-it-all partners do not want to change this behavior despite being told how it affects those around them. Sadly, this can lead to many toxic arguments and fights, leading to one partner feeling downtrodden, degraded, worthless, and insecure in themselves and the relationship.

Ultimately, although it’s great to have a romantic partner willing to share their knowledge and advice about life when you need it, the relationship isn’t worth it when it comes from a place of arrogance.

Top Five Tips to Help You Deal with a Know-It-All in the Relationship

Dating a know-it-all can mean a lot of intense emotions and complicated feelings. A lot of people feel angry, irritated, and put down when it comes to conversing with a know-it-all partner.

It is not easy to communicate with know-it-alls. A relationship should be as easy as breathing when it comes to communicating. A partner’s constant know-it-all attitude can become a serious problem and lead to much heartbreak.

That’s why we’ve detailed some clear tips on navigating this issue easily to help you learn how to cope with a know-it-all partner and potentially save your relationship.

1. Pick Your Battles And Set Boundaries!

In the long run, setting clear boundaries is a must in any relationship dynamic, but this is especially important if you know your partner is a know-it-all and want to cope with this fact.

Picking your battles is important, but so is making sure they respect your boundaries. This means you will need to stay firm with them even when they pipe up with their opinions (as you know they will); it will save you a lot of emotional energy.

If you feel like you are getting too irritated and need to cool off, you will need to voice this with your partner and ask for space – pick your battles wisely.

Additionally, when it comes down to picking your battles, you will need to pick which ones are worth fighting for and which you can let go of. No matter how blue in the face you go over a topic, sometimes people won’t budge (ahem, know-it-alls), so try to let things go and move forward.

However, if you’re negatively affected by a know-it-all partner who refuses to respect your boundaries, you must consider leaving the relationship. After all, you don’t need their snotty opinions and arguments making your life miserable.

2. Always Remain as Calm as Possible

It’s easier said than done, we know! Yet, getting angry and raising your voice will not help you cope when trying to reason with a know-it-all.

We also know that sometimes your partner’s words can make you feel hurt, angry, or overly sensitive. However, the only way to address your feelings rationally is to have a calm and meaningful discussion about them and why it makes you feel a certain way.

This will help your partner empathize with you, and while it may not change their perspective on the topic, it will help them censor their words more and be considerate of your feelings when it does come up. It might even get them to tone down their know-it-all attitude a notch or two.

3. Avoidance Can Be Helpful – Be the Bigger Person

If your partner disagrees with you, sometimes it helps to choose to be the bigger person and leave it at that. Know-it-alls seem to have their own answers despite the facts you presented. So to cope, allow them to remain ignorant while you avoid engaging with someone that doesn’t want to listen to the truth.

The last thing you likely want is to be caught in a heated debate 24/7. Ultimately, prevention is always better than cure. If you feel you can avoid the debate or change the topic, then we recommend you do so – especially if you want your relationship with a know-it-all partner to last in the long term.

4. Keep Your Own Strengths in Mind

Sometimes, you can feel like you are the problem or less of a human being than your know-it-all partner. This is not the case. To cope with feeling inferior, you must remember your strengths.

You have your own set of strengths and weaknesses, and whether they believe it or not, they do too. So reminding yourself of them now and then will help keep you sane when constantly dealing with a know-it-alls attitude.

Additionally, know-it-all or not, if your partner does make you feel bad about yourself, it is important that you voice that with them as well. You should always feel empowered and loved in a relationship; if your partner has wronged you with their attitude or personality flaw, they should know about it to fix it.

5. Make Your Point without Resorting to Arguing

Some things are worth fighting over, but you should not try non-stop arguing with a know-it-all. There are ways that you can make your point without arguing over it, and if you can find these ways with your partner, you’ll be able to cope.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feel bad about making your point in ways other than arguing when dealing with a know-it-all partner (as long as you’re not harming them). Sometimes, these people need to experience the consequences of their actions on their own despite the warnings against it. You will likely find that an apology will follow if you are correct.

The Solutions

Realistically, if your partner cannot respect and compromise on their know-it-all negative behavior, they will unlikely change. This attitude of theirs will eventually warp your relationship into a bitter experience if you don’t find ways to cope (you can use ours) or leave them.

However, there is hope if they are willing to change and compromise on their know-it-all behavior. If you find that your relationship still needs extra work, then consider going to a relationship therapist. There is definitely no shame in it, and it would give your relationship the added healthy boost it needs.

Yet, if that doesn’t work, you can always try dating apps and websites to get back out there after you end the relationship.