18 Inspiring Ideas to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work on Valentine’s Day

Ahhhh yes, can’t you just smell the love in the air? Since Valentine’s Day celebrates the enchantment of love, it reminds couples to show their commitment and appreciation for each other.

During this day, we honor and do everything we can to make our loved ones feel amazing and unforgettable. The day demonstrates why we are together and, in some cases, why we love our friends.

We give flowers, take them on a special date, buy gifts, and anything else to create lasting and memorable moments for this one unique day.

Love is a super powerful human emotion essential to survive any relationship, especially a long-distance one. No matter where you are in the world, love breaks all barriers of distance and time and helps connect and keep two hearts bonded, regardless of how long they are apart.

OK, so you understand all that and then some. But now, you want to know how to spice up your Valentine’s Day long-distance style. Well, that’s what we’re here for. This guide will give you some fun, spicy, and entertaining ideas to celebrate the “Most Romantic Day of the Year!” So, let’s go.

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Send Several “I Love You” Packages Leading up to Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Now imagine receiving several gifts leading up to the big day. Most couriers offer special delivery options to customers, especially during this time of the season.

For instance, some companies help you send a fresh bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to someone several miles away.

They can even offer special rates if you’d like to send several gifts leading up to Valentine’s Day. For example, you can send flowers one day, chocolates the next, and a stuffed animal the day after.

Check out your local courier regarding their services and rates so they can help successfully deliver your memorable gifts to your love.

2. Send a Love Letter… a Handwritten One

Craft a heartfelt letter to your love. To say how you feel, you don’t have to be Emily Bronte or Henry VIII. But instead, make a simple list of ten things you love about your Valentine, no matter our insignificant you think it is.

For instance, tell her you look forward to getting her call every evening. Or, tell him you love how he sends you a “good night” text every night and hasn’t missed one evening yet.

Telling your long-distance partner does two positive things for the relationship. 1. It shows that you appreciate even the small things because they make a difference in your relationship, and 2. It encourages your partner to continue those actions to help grow and strengthen your relationship.

Why not an email, you ask? Can you imagine receiving a heartfelt letter detailing everything your partner loves about you in their own handwriting instead of a lazy message typed up in Times Roman Font? Emails are for work, not to show how much you love someone.

3. Phone a Friend

If you have a friend who lives in the same area as your partner, you may be in luck. Give them a call and have them serve as your messenger/delivery person and plan a heartwarming surprise.

If you trust your friend’s taste (yes, there have been some horror stories), ask them to shop for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and don’t forget the chocolates to go along with it. You can even add a cutesy, loveable, and soft I Love You teddy bear to complete the package.

If that sounds a little too cliche, use more creative ideas. For example, use your friend to deliver a special singing telegram. Don’t worry; they don’t need to be Celine Dion. Even if they don’t have an exceptional voice, they can deliver a funny singing telegram to your Valentine.

4. Online Movie Date, Anyone?

A Star is Born

Thank goodness for the latest video-calling technology because now it’s possible to watch your favorite movie together and on the same screen simultaneously.

With Skype, you have the option to Share Screen (on a laptop or personal computer). To start the video call, you only need to do active screen sharing and play the movie. That’s it. The best thing about this option is that you can still send messages and talk to each other in real time.

Need help deciding what movie to watch? Here are 20 of the most recent romantic movies.

  1. Cyrano (2022)
  2. The Worst Person in the World (2021)
  3. Decision to Leave (2022)
  4. Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)
  5. Sylvie’s Love (2020)
  6. The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)
  7. A Star is Born (2018)
  8. Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022)
  9. The Photograph (2020)
  10. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)
  1. Phantom Thread (2017)
  2. La La Land (2016)
  3. Carol (2015)
  4. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
  5. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
  6. Call Me By Your Name (2017)
  7. Loving (2016)
  8. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
  9. Anna Karenina (2012)
  10. The Vow (2012)

Of course, if you’re not into romantic movies, and not everyone is, there’s always the Friday the 13th or Halloween series. By all means, go for it!

5. Record a Love Song for Them

Like your friend doing a singing telegram for you, you don’t need to be an expert singer. In fact, it’s even cuter when you don’t sound like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.

When you do this idea, it’s never about the quality of your voice. It’s more about the genuine effort to create something romantic to make the love of your life smile.

Do you have a favorite song together? If not, choose the most romantic song you can find and sing your little heart out. It’s a totally unique idea that’s not your typical Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Send a Care Package of Their Favorite Things

Is your partner a bookworm? Maybe they’re an avid gamer. Is he into photography? Is she all about martial arts?

What is the one thing your partner always talks about to the point of almost getting on your nerves? Then, that’s what you send them. It’s easy to do. Go online, pick out what you want, and then have it shipped to your Valentine. See? Quick and easy!

Long-Distance Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

  • Custom embroidered sweatshirt
  • Long-distance messages in a bottle. It comes with pre-written love notes and is available on Amazon.com.
  • Digital picture frame with a special, memorable picture of the two of you
  • Set of two long-distance friendship lamps
  • Video greeting card
  • Couples game deck
  • Custom-printed photo socks (Your face, your partner’s face, or both)
  • A journal
  • A mug with your face printed on it
  • Handmade candle with their image on the jar
  • Retro USB mixtape
  • Heart-shaped pendant
  • Neck massager
  • Heart-shaped throw pillow
  • Heart-shaped collage
  • Heart-shaped boxer briefs

7. Go on an Online Dinner Date

Even apart, you can schedule a romantic dinner date thanks to the latest technology. So, if you’re feeling bold, use your smartphone and take an online video date to a favorite romantic restaurant.

However, if you prefer something more low-key and personal, set up a nice Valentine’s Day dinner themed in the privacy of your own home.

Another option is to prepare a meal together. Set up your smartphone and call your partner while preparing the same meal only in different locations. You can even play some romantic music in the background. When you’re finished, get dressed in your finest, sit down, and enjoy the meal via video chat.

Heart-Shaped Lasagna Bundt Recipe


  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper (freshly ground)
  • One 16oz box of lasagna noodles
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 medium chopped onion
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 ½ tsp dried oregano
  • 1 ½ lbs ground beef
  • one 6 oz can of tomato paste
  • one 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 12 oz ricotta
  • 8 oz shredded mozzarella
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ c grated Parmesan
  • ¼ c fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped


  1. Preheat over to 375 degrees F
  2. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook lasagna noodles to al dente. Line the baking sheet with paper towels. Drain noodles and spread them flat on the baking sheet to dry completely.
  3. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add onions and cook. Stir occasionally until soft and beginning to brown. Stir in the garlic and oregano. Cook until you can smell the garlic. Add beef, 2 tsp salt, and a good amount of black pepper. Cook, breaking up meat with a spoon and stirring occasionally. Stir in tomato paste and cook until well mixed and heated. Pour in tomatoes, sugar, 1 c water, 1 tsp salt, and a good amount of black pepper, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and let simmer until the sauce is slightly thickened (about 20 m).
  4. Meanwhile, mix the ricotta, eggs, mozzarella, parsley, Parmesan, ½ tsp salt, and a few grinds of black pepper in a medium bowl.
  5. Cut six noodles in half crosswise.
  6. Line the bottom of a 10-c heart-shaped Bundt pan with 4 of the half noodles (2 along the straight lines of the heart and 2 along the arches). Lay 12 whole noodles in the bottom of the pan, slightly overlapping and directly on top of the half noodles, making sure that one side of each noodle hangs 2 to 3 inches over the edge of the pan and the other side of the noodle runs up the center of the pan.
  7. Pour 1 c meat sauce on top of the noodles, then spread 1 c of the ricotta mixture over the sauce. Top with 4 noodle halves. Repeat the layering 1 more time. Pour 1 c meat sauce and spread the remaining ricotta mixture over the top (the ricotta mixture will be less than the 1 cup used in previous layers).
  8. Fold the edges of the overhanging lasagna noodles the lasagna toward the center, covering the filling and the hole in the center completely. Bake until the noodles on top turn golden brown and start to crisp up to 45 to 50 minutes. Let sit for 10 minutes. Invert the pan onto a cutting board. Reheat the remaining sauce if necessary and pour it into the heart’s center. Slice and serve immediately.

*For this recipe, check out Foodnetwork.com

8. Post an Online Romantic Video Collage/Message

Look through all your videos/pictures, and assemble a collection of clips and snapshots to create a heartfelt and touching video message to your partner. Does this sound cringy to you? If so, this might not be the ideal option for you, and that’s fine. However, this is the perfect gift if your style is overly romantic or extra sweet.

After creating your video or collage, let the world know how much your significant other means to you by posting it online and tagging them. Then, add your favorite song in the background to make the romantic gesture even more unforgettable.

9. Spend the Evening Cozied up at Home While Talking on the Phone

You don’t need to be out and about on Valentine’s Day. Instead, spend the evening in the cozy comforts of your home while talking to your partner. There’s something so romantic about the two of you enjoying a nice talk about whatever comes to mind.

If you want to stay in the theme of Valentine’s Day, talk about all the romantic things you’ll do together the next time you see each other.

Oh, and hey, here’s another idea: old-fashioned phone sex is always an option. These are common phone ideas for couples who have already spent years together or many Valentine’s Days apart.

At Home Talking on the Phone

10. Exchange gifts online

You no longer have to wait until Christmas to exchange gifts. For Valentine’s Day, make a wish list, shop for the gifts, wrap it up, and then send the package to your partner days before the 14th. Make a promise to each other not to open the gifts until after enjoying your delicious online Valentine’s Day dinner date.

11. Surprise!

This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day option for long-distance couples. Surprise your partner by showing up at their front door on the 14th. Dress up and bring along a dozen roses and some candy. This idea requires some planning, so find out things like when your partner will be home and available on the day of your arrival. If you plan to take them to a fancy restaurant in the area that evening, make the reservation beforehand.

If you plan to cook, make sure they have all the ingredients. Or, you can shop while there or bring the groceries with you, depending on the distance.

12. Have a Bedroom Shoot

Yeah, sure, a regular photo shoot is fun, but why not kick it up a notch or two with a boudoir photoshoot? If you feel uncomfortable going to a professional photographer, set up your camera at home, take a few intimate photos of yourself, and send them to your long-distance partner.

Don’t have a decent camera? No excuses! Sexy Polaroids work just as well. Wear your significant other’s favorite lingerie or boxers and snap away for your very own private Valentine’s Day album

13. Try Virtual Wine Tasting

Can’t make it for a quick trip to Napa Valley this year? No problemo. Go on a virtual wine tasting by having some delicious vino sent right to your front door. Specific companies like Voluptuary Wine offer wine-tasting kits for purchase in various sizes. It even includes an option to book a virtual wine tour with experts.

If you want it to be an extra special gift, surprise your partner with the bottle of wine they enjoyed the most after comparing notes post-taste.

14. Give a Love Bracelet

Long-distance relationships have come a long way, technologically speaking. When your parents were growing up, they wrote love letters and had them snail-mailed to each other.

Today, there are all sorts of devices that make being in love while apart easier, like Bond Touch love bracelets that you can share with your partner. You can send a short buzz to your significant other’s bracelet whenever you think of them. There’s even a space to send a private message in an encrypted chat inside an encrypted chat space. So think about it; you can send all the sexy messages you like without running the risk of anyone else seeing them.

15. Spray a Pillow with Your Signature Scent and Send It to Them

The best way for your partner to be reminded of you is by sending them something lightly sprayed with your favorite scent. A scent is so powerful it can instantly bring your partner back to a special memory the two of you had together.

It will keep you fresh in their mind when they’re not with you, so spray something they can cuddle up to. A pillow, jacket, or stuffed animal are perfect choices. Every time they snuggle with it, they’ll think of you.

16. Plan a Trip

Use Facetime, Zoom–or whatever method you prefer for your LDR communication. Create a Google spreadsheet so you can plan a vacation together to someplace exotic you have never visited.

One person can search for flights while the other looks for hotels. Then, get each other’s suggestions for activities you’d like to do while on vacation. Additionally, check for transportation methods, entertainment, or other things you’d like to do.

When you’re ready (and have the finances), book it! Don’t wait too long before you have the chance to talk yourselves out of it. Just do it! When you have something to look forward to, it can make the long-distance feel less daunting.

17. Emotionally and Mentally Check In with Each Other

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to check in with each other if you’re a big affirmation type couple. Invest in appreciation notes where you write something you love and appreciate about the other daily.

You can do this anywhere from a week up to a month in advance, and then when Valentine’s Day comes, you can do a video call and share them with each other.

18. Play a Game of Cards Together (And Not a Boring One!)

You can both head over to Amazon Prime and purchase a fun game of cards like Truth or Dare or Taboo to add some excitement to a usual night of video chatting.

If you’d rather have less fun cards and more sexy cards, grab an intimacy deck. These cards are written specifically for couples who want to ask each other deep, intimate questions that foster a just-between-me-and-you private conversation.

When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as small or big. Don’t ever think your efforts won’t be appreciated because, to your partner, any effort will make them happy. True love is immeasurable, and someone who loves you isn’t all about material things. They only want to be with you, even if the only option is miles apart. Happy Valentine’s Day!