Mom Knows Best: Reasons Why Using Dating Sites as a Single Mother Is Better

If you’re a single mother, you know exactly how the dating game changes for you. And those changes aren’t bad. In fact, they can make a significant difference in your dating life that gets you better results than ever before!

There are plenty of reasons why using dating sites as a single mother is better. Most people find romantic connections online these days, and single moms are no exception – so you’re most likely to find yourself on a dating site or two, according to statistics – and that’s not a bad thing either! There are more options to choose from than ever, including niche options for single parents only, like Stir. With more compatible matches in more areas, single mothers have every opportunity to score in a powerful and meaningful way.

And after becoming a mother, they know exactly what they want out of the online dating process and are less likely to settle in their hunt for the high-quality results they’re looking for – a match that deserves their attention and, potentially, the love and respect of their little one(s). Being uncompromising when it comes to high standards and red flags is better for the online dating process! Less time and energy are wasted on matches that aren’t worth a single mother’s time. If matches aren’t on board with someone in the respected position of being a single mother, they can kick themselves to the curb. No time wasted, no exceptions made, and nothing less than what they deserve. That’s the mindset of most single mothers – because it’s not just their quality of life that’s on the line when they take on a love interest, it’s that of their little one(s) as well!

While single mothers deal with more time constraints than the typical untethered young single, there are way more benefits they have than those other romantic prospects. They offer more value as a match – with experience, a taste for responsibility, a solid head on their shoulders, determination, and grit. Being such a valuable match means that they require more valuable matches out of the online dating pool they’re in. This means that they need to find dating sites that can accommodate their unique needs and the high standards specific to single motherhood.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the top benefits and reasons why using dating sites as a single mother is simply a better experience overall!

You Know What You Want

When it comes to parenting, it can be difficult even for two people to take on the job. When it comes to being a single parent, there’s more on your plate than you could ever possibly expect. This inevitably changes your perspective on life and who would be the right person or type of person to enter a romantic partnership with. Your standards are no longer limited to vagaries and common interests – you get a very clear idea of precisely what you’re looking for in a partner. Because you know what you need and what your child (or children) needs from someone that would be able to benefit both of your lives.

This can be an excellent benefit when it comes to using online dating sites! You’re not looking for what every trendy single has on their wish list. You’re looking for traits that are meaningful, significant, and are going to make your overall quality of life better period you’re not looking for some partner that fits some superficial bill; you’re looking for someone that means specific criteria that you and your tiny one(s) will appreciate both now and in the long run.

You know what qualities it takes to be an effective, caring, and adequate parent, and you’re not willing to settle for less than what you and your child or children need from someone you’re bringing into your life. Your intuition seems to take on an entirely new nature, and the superficial qualities that you used to be stuck on have faded into the past. When you become a single mother, you understand your purpose on an entirely different level, and that depth serves you incredibly well in your search for love!

You’re Not Willing to Waste Your Time

As we’ve stated before, and as it becomes apparent, once you have a child, time is of the essence! Everything you do gets put on an entirely different schedule, and the need to accommodate that schedule dictates much of what you do. Finding efficient ways to do anything and everything becomes vital to maintaining the quality of life that you deserve as a respected single mother. So you naturally start looking for time-saving strategies that will accommodate your lifestyle as a single mother and benefit you in the best possible way without detracting from the time allotment that your child or children deserve. Time becomes a non-negotiable factor because you fully understand how much time your kids need to be taken care of and in addition to that, how much time they need to spend with you.

And when you do get a babysitter or have some sort of childcare so that you can spend some free time, you want to spend that time actually going on dates instead of being on online dating sites looking for the perfect match to schedule that date with. So when you’re on dating sites in the brief moments when your child or children happen to be sleeping, you’re going to spend your time wisely. And that’s just the way it is!

One of the benefits of not having time to squander away is that you realize just how valuable time truly is. When it comes to finding the perfect romantic prospect on an online dating app, you’re no longer going to spend time looking at a profile that might be visually appealing but has nothing to offer you in a meaningful way. Because that’s simply a waste of your time.

This benefits single mothers more than they know! The entire online dating process it’s based on putting in the work to find the correct and most suitable matches for you if you’re looking for anything significant, substantial, or long-term. As a single mother, you’re far less willing to compromise your valuable time on those matches that seem exciting but aren’t really what you’re looking for. High standards serve you well and maximize the efficient and optimal use of your time as a single mother on dating sites! You’ll cut to the chase with your valuable time, discuss brass tacks, leave no stone unturned, and be on an efficient and effective track to finding the match you’ve been looking for. Hey, with online dating platforms being the most valuable and popular tool for finding a romantic match nowadays, you’ll be able to save your time making sure you find the right companion to actually go on an in-person date with! Then, when you get there, you’ll know you’re in for a treat and a good time after all of your hard work.

You’re Not Necessarily Looking for Someone to Procreate With

Before you have a child, it’s typical to look for someone that you think would be the perfect father for a potential baby, even if, at that point, you have no idea what that entails. At that point, no one ever seems good enough because you’re trying to fit some ideal that you’ve had your whole life when you don’t have a complete understanding of what it actually takes to be a parent. And going off of common knowledge or what you think might make a perfect father for your children is totally different than having first-hand experience in knowing what qualities create the type of parent you want for your children.

So while you’re looking for someone with the qualities that will make them an effective parent for the child or children you already have as a single mother, you’re not necessarily looking for someone to procreate with! Some single mothers are looking to have more children, and some aren’t, but either way, the delusions and dreams you had before you became a single mother are now out of your way. And you can focus on the traits that truly matter when it comes to being an affectionate, instructive, and meaningful parent.

You Can Spot a Scrub from a Mile Away

Before you had kids, you may have fallen for some usual tricks that are typically effective at roping in romantic love interests. Some of these tactics are no longer liable to work on you. Once you attain the new perspective on life that being a single mother gives you, you suddenly have the magical ability to spot red flags and see a scrub from a mile away.

Before you had kids, red flags may not have been deal-breakers and may have seemed a bit more like warnings that could easily be ignored. Once you’ve had a child, red flags become more evident than ever before, and they are far more effective at pointing you in the wrong direction.

Essentially, red flags are far more likely to be deal breakers after you’ve become a single mother. You simply don’t have the time or energy to waste on people that aren’t worth dealing with! Therefore, you’re automatically honed in on finding the best qualities in a romantic interest which makes you all the more capable of spotting negative traits quickly and more clearly than ever before!

By optimizing your time and cutting to the chase and more of your conversations, focusing on conversation topics that get to the heart of what truly matters, you’re already on the hunt for red flags. And because of that, any and all red flags for any matches that aren’t worth your time will reveal themselves more quickly than ever! And when they do show themselves, as is inevitable and in at least in some of your online dating conversations, you’ll see them clear as day and have no reservations about switching gears and heading in a new direction. That will keep you on track to find the high-quality match you’re really looking for when you’re using online dating sites as a single mother.

You’re More Likely to Take Things Slowly – As It Should Be

There’s a temptation when it comes to online dating to hurry things up and dive into relationships with people you don’t know very well. This is because, for the online dating process to work correctly, you must put a significant amount of time in. This can get frustrating, and many people try to speed up the process despite their best interests.

After you’ve become a single mother, a lot of that temptation goes right out the window. Rushing into something haphazardly isn’t going to serve your best interests or the best interests of your child or children. And with that being abundantly clear, your desire to take things slowly and truly get to know the romantic prospects that interest you typically outweighs the need for immediate gratification.

Taking things slowly when you’re using online dating apps is always a better idea in almost every case. Most people aren’t going to hit it off with their perfect match or soul mate and be fully aware of it right away. If statistics tell us anything significant, relationships need to be built over time to adequately build trust, respect, and the type of affection that won’t fizzle out after a couple of initial physical interactions.

Many single mothers are looking for more meaningful relationships because they know that the people in their lives will affect the lives of their child or children. With that being said, many of them are far more willing to put in the time it takes to build the type of relationship that would benefit them in their family. Fleeting attractions just won’t cut it anymore. Single mothers are ready and willing to get to know the romantic prospects they’re talking to on a deeper level before they’re willing to bring a romantic interest into their lives and the lives of their adorable little offspring.

Being a Single Mother Is Attractive

There are men out there who are ready to settle down and aren’t interested in the passing fancies of immature girls. These types of men are looking for a woman – and a strong, single, independent mother fits that bill just perfectly. Single mothers tend to be focused on what truly matters in life and relationships and have already proven their capabilities of being amazing mothers. While there might be a stigma out there that men aren’t interested in dating women with children, there are plenty of solid, secure, and accomplished men out there who would beg to differ!

Kids aren’t necessarily going to chase away this high-quality caliber of men, either. The joy and love that kids can bring into their lives is also an attractive factor that works in favor of single mothers during the online dating process. So don’t worry about having children making you an unattractive prospect when it comes to online dating because you have more to offer than the typical single woman. You have the loving family that the right kind of man would absolutely love to have in his life!

Single Mom Kissing Son

And if they’re looking to have children, you’ve already proven your ability to do the job all by yourself as a strong, independent single mother! What could possibly be more attractive? At the end of the day, whether or not a man is looking to have more children, they’re instinctually attracted to mothers. Especially mothers who have proven themselves to be as capable, strong, and independent as single mothers. Well, there’s a common misconception that men run away from women who already have children; the right type of man we’ll be running towards you before you know it!

Being a confident, loving, and experienced single mother creates the opportunity to attract better matches than ever before. That’s one of the best benefits of being a single mother and using online dating sites!

You Don’t Stick with Bad Relationships

While we’ve talked about what can be attractive to the average single woman as opposed to what typically attracts a single mother, we haven’t discussed the potential for sticking with a bad relationship that you might be pulled into online. Even if you don’t see any red flags, you might end up with someone who’s not an ideal match because they come off as hot, funny, or fun. These traits aren’t going to go as far as they would otherwise after you become a single mother.

A bad relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be horrible, abusive, or even with someone that mistreats you in any way. A bad relationship can mean a relationship that is not good enough for you and your child or children. As a single mother, you have higher standards, and anyone who’s not up to the task of being the type of romantic partner you deserve it’s simply doing you a disservice and, quite frankly, wasting your time.

With that being said, a relationship that isn’t quite worth your while but would have taken up years of your life before you had a kid will no longer be so tempting to stick with. Before you know it, you’ll be telling the OK matches that you’re not interested so you can use your precious time as a single mother to find someone worthy of your company and the company of your child or children.

Think of the years you’re going to save dealing with the wrong types of people, and think of how wonderful it will be when you find the match that’s worthy of your unique love! Let’s face it, as a single mother, you deserve the best, and you shouldn’t settle for an OK relationship because you’ve earned the right to be treated better than that. You’ve earned the right to find the match of your dreams, and with your single motherly boost of discernment, you’ll be able to find it if you stick with the online dating process!

There’s Less Pressure During the Dating Process

As a single mother, you’re innately more confident, decisive, and sure of yourself. These traits carry over into the online dating process in a highly effective way. Part of this confidence leads to making the online dating process far less stressful and full of pressure than before you had children. You’re going to be less worried about impressing people who don’t impress you and less concerned about chasing people to make them like you or care about you more. You know that the right type of match who deserves to stay in your life is the one who should be doing the majority of the chasing!

If someone doesn’t call you back, you’re more aware that it’s their loss, not yours! You don’t have the time to constantly check your phone and stress over people who don’t realize what a catch you are. If they’re not going to call you back, they are not worth your time. And that’s just the way it is.

Single mothers tend to start calling the shots in terms of their dating lives, which leads to less pressure experienced by them overall. Less important is given to less important people and matters so that your attention can be entirely focused on finding that partner that offers you the stress-free experience you deserve!

You’re not going to be breaking down every text and analyzing every word someone says to you when your intuitive abilities have been heightened over time from raising your child or children. You’ll pretty much be able to tell right off the bat whether or not someone’s going to be a good fit for your lifestyle, and you’ll be far less willing to compromise just because someone seems exciting or interested in you.

Single mothers are far more likely to get to the point, and if they don’t like what they see, they already know that there’s no reason to stress about the situation. With everything in perspective, the online dating process becomes a far less stressful experience with less pressure overall for single mothers!

Breakups Aren’t as Traumatic

One thing that you might not expect about the online dating process as a single mother is that many single mothers tend to get over breakups easier and faster than they were able to before. This is because they don’t have the time and energy to wallow in the sadness of separation. It’s not only them that they are concerned about; they have other mouths to feed and care for, so they have to stay on their game despite any circumstances that might try to throw them off track. As a result, they’re able to brush off breakups better than most!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that single mothers don’t experience as much emotional pain as anyone else. On the contrary, breakups can feel more devastating to single mothers because they’re putting more trust on the line. Everything gets more complicated and serious the minute you have a child or children involved! Needless to say, the cuts that breakups can leave can be profound, but single mothers tend to heal faster than most. Whether it’s due to necessity alone or there’s something about raising a child that makes you more resilient, the faster healing process leads to a less traumatic breakup overall. No matter how much the initial pain may hurt, the ability to bounce back benefits single mothers in the long run.

Not to mention, one of the best ways to get over a breakup for anyone is to get involved in some distracting activity. Single mothers have distractions in droves! There’s no shortage of activities to do or actions to take for a single mother. Also, they have a source of unconditional love already built into their lives that can help them get through or sustain them through almost anything!

Breakups for single mothers are also less traumatic because single mothers tend to have a talent for being able to stay in the present moment. Kids have a way of keeping you grounded, leaving a single mother little time or energy to daydream about what could have been or ruminating on the details of a breakup.

Overall, single mothers have the built-in ability to handle breakups better than almost anyone else! This allows them to enter the online dating process with less fear than other singles because, most of the time, they’ve already proven to themselves that they can handle anything that comes their way.

Dating is an Option – Not a Must

Plenty of women start feeling more and more online dating pressure as they get older because they want to find someone to have a child with. Single mothers don’t necessarily have that problem! They already have a core family to give them love and keep them from being lonely, so they’re less inclined to be worried about their biological clock ticking.

In a way, single mothers are no longer looking for someone to take care of their emotional, psychological, and social needs. They already have a stable setting where they can give and receive love in a way that fulfills most of their emotional, psychological, and social needs! This makes dating less of a weighty process. It’s not so important when it comes to their mental health as it would be if they didn’t have a child or children in their lives already.

When it comes to single mothers, dating becomes an option instead of a must-have. That allows single mothers to focus on having fun and finding a partner that’s truly compatible with them instead of desperately seeking someone to fulfill their social needs.

Dating is seen less as a life-altering event and more as an enjoyable pastime. This gives a single mother more power in the relationship than she may have felt or experienced otherwise, and being empowered like that gives them more control over their romantic life in general. This benefits any single mother in countless ways, which can help to lead them to the romantic match of their dreams on an online dating site!

You’ll Get the Committed More than the Casual

Some single mothers are looking for something more casual and leave their kids out of their dating lives. And that’s more than fine! But for single mothers looking for something more meaningful for themselves and their children, there is a huge benefit that they have in the online dating process. Matches who are afraid of commitment are far less likely to take a single mother up on a serious offer. The lifestyle of a single mother alone it’s enough to scare away any commitment-phobic matches when you’re far more likely to be dealing with dirty diapers than you are To be dealing with anything else.

So before they even engage in the online dating process, as long as their status as a mother is listed on their online dating profile, the matches who can’t stand the heat are not going to enter the kitchen! Single mothers don’t have to worry about people seeking something casual and pretending to want commitment as much as the typical single woman would. If you’re pregnant, have a child, or have children, the matches that aren’t going to be good for you aren’t likely to show up and waste your time at all, which is an incredible time-saving benefit in the long run!

You Don’t Get FOMO

It’s a familiar storyline that we hear all the time about singles who are jealous of seeing their friends get married or have children when they hit a certain age. This fear of missing out and jealous feelings is significantly curbed after you become a single mother! While other singles are sitting and wallowing in their jealousy, you already have all the love you could possibly need to maintain a beneficial level of mental health. The desperation of linking up with someone to start a family is virtually gone because you already have a family of your own! You suddenly look at the singles with fear of missing out, like they’re young and naive, no matter how old you are.

The perspective that being a single mother gives you is a life-changing one, at the very least. You’re no longer worried about being in a relationship simply for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s difficult to be lonely when you have a child hanging on to your leg for hours on end every day! That’s not to say that single mothers aren’t seeking romantic love; of course, they are! But it’s much different than how singles without children go about seeking and formulating romantic relationships. And at the end of the day, it’s just much, much better!

You’re More in Tune with Your Body

Once you’ve had a child, you have an entirely new understanding of your body and what it’s capable of! You understand your body on a completely different level, having had experiences that only a mother can have. Pregnancy alone reveals the extraordinary capabilities of your physical form because you’re literally growing a person! And that’s absolutely amazing. And once you understand your body on that level, you tend to become far more comfortable with it.

When you’re more comfortable with your body, you can be more comfortable with the online dating process and the dating process in general. You’re probably not as concerned with minor “imperfections” as you may have been in the past. You know that you’re perfect exactly the way you look, and you’re not willing to settle for lackluster physical experiences when you know how amazing your body truly is and not what it deserves!


So what have we learned? Well, we’ve learned that mom really does know best when it comes to online dating. When single mothers use online dating sites, they’re in a better position than most singles to find the romantic results they deserve. Their perspective and life experiences have shaped them in a way that will benefit them when using online dating sites and looking for love worthy of the company of them and their child or children.

While there are inevitably going to be some challenges when it comes to dating, like finding a babysitter or spending extra income, single mothers will be able to find matches that are more capable of handling those challenges through the online dating process. This type of compatibility doesn’t manifest in the same way for other singles, as single mothers are innately designed to know what’s best for them and are far less willing to settle for anything less than anyone else.

And, at the end of the day, using online dating sites and getting beneficial romantic results will be more rewarding for a single mother than it is for a typical single! So, if you’re a single mother, don’t shy away from the online dating process because using online dating sites as a single mother is simply better!