How to Radiate Confidence on a First Date

It has been said that there is nothing as sexy as a woman with confidence. Yet, many women struggle to exude their inner confidence on a first date. We feel self-conscious over the little details of ourselves that we don’t like. Arm fat. Muffin tops. Weird knees. We agonize over flyaway frizz and our teeth not being white enough. And through it all, we miss the point that if a man is out on a date with us, then he is interested – period. Instead of letting your insecurities ruin what could be the best date of your life, try these tips for radiating that confidence and showing he what a true badass you are.

Dress for Success

First, start with your outfit. Don’t fuss over what you think looks good; go with what makes you feel good. Play up the assets that you have and cover those that you are insecure about. For example, a friend of mine never wears shorts because she doesn’t like her knees. Not a big deal! Wearing a skirt or capris on a date easily hides these, so you don’t have to fuss about them. Men don’t notice these tiny details about us that we worry about anyway. If you are dressed in an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, then that good feeling will naturally radiate from you.

Go With What You Know

A first date is the worst time to try out a new hairstyle or make-up tip. From my own personal experience, I thought I would give the smoky eye look a go for a first date that was later in the evening. It was a mega failure at home. I snapped a picture to send to a friend and realized that I just was not pulling the look off. With only a few minutes to spare, I quickly washed off all the makeup and went with my standard, simple, natural look. If you already know a style works for you, then you will feel confident rocking it versus worrying about whether or not it is the right fit for you.

Mind Your Posture, Tone, and Body Language

Of course, radiating confidence isn’t all about just looking your best to feel your best. It is also about being mindful of how you present yourself. Sit up straight, try not to talk to fast or too loud out of nervousness, and be sure to that you are looking at your date. Body language is most important. Keep yourself facing him so that you appear inviting to his conversation. Relax your shoulders, but do not slouch. And don’t forget to smile! Men love a good smile.