Is Your Profile Sending Users the Wrong Message?

Every so often, I come across someone who wants to know what is wrong with them, but they just cannot seem to find love online. More often than not, it is the way their profile is presented. You see, when it comes to online dating, other users judge you largely based on the information you provide. This information includes the conclusions that are derived from your pictures, comments, or basic information. Whether you realize it or not, your profile could actually be sending potential matches away. Here is how.

You Scream Commitment Issues

Are you really looking for love? Maybe you think that you are, but your profile says that you are not. For example, a profile that uses phrases like “I’m all about the fun.” Or “I bounce around a lot.” Tells matches that you are still not ready to settle down in any area of your life.

Resentment Is Calling Your Name

Hands down, one of the most common and most interesting tidbits in a profile is one where the person says, “Where are all the good women at?” or “I’m a good guy, why are all women so lame?” Basically, you are telling potential matches that you are harboring some resentment towards your failed love life. As such, you might even push those resentful feelings onto them. No one wants to be blamed for the mistakes of others; it is that simple.

Do You Play the Pity Me Card?

Someone who feels like everyone else should always be pitying them is easily one of the most unattractive features. Countless dating profiles drone on and on about how the person treats their partner like gold, but they always end up dumped. If you are looking for someone to sympathize with you and boost your ego, go talk to your friends. A potential match will associate this with emotional issues and be less likely to pursue things with you.

Your Focus Is the End Game

The only thing more terrifying than someone who is afraid of commitment is someone who is rushing to the end line. For example, during a first date, a guy told me that he wanted to start having children within the year. There wasn’t a second date. If you are planning on using my uterus before we even get through a first meal together, you are in too much of a rush for me. Profiles that drone on and on about wanting to find the one or wanting to get married soon tell users that you are more interested in achieving a level in your life than you are in building a genuine relationship and letting it flow as it will.