Be a First Date Pro with These 4 Tips

When it comes to first dates, what women expect is fairly simple. She wants to know that you are as interested in her as she is in you. Unfortunately, men try too hard to live up to some movie-fueled standard and end up crashing and burning. Don’t obsess over what you think she wants or what you think is the most romantic gesture for a first date. Instead, follow these six tips for creating an amazing first date each and every time.

1. Make a Little Effort

A guy I dated once said that men had to be careful with how they “wine and dine” women because she would always expect it to get better and better, and they may not be able to live up to the expectation. This is incorrect! Women really want just a little effort – especially on the first date. Hand her a flower – hello, roses are $0.99 at the gas station – and open the car door – which you should do anyways because chivalry isn’t dead – and you will instantly have given her a great first impression. Too many men are not doing these basic, effortless things. When you do, it is something she will always remember.

2. Be Polite – Not Pushy

When you enter a first date, you should have no expectations of what might happen at the end of that date. If your endgame is to get laid, it will show in your actions and most likely send her running. Instead, be polite. Be a gentleman. You’ll win her over faster if you are. Women do not want to be treated like a conquest on a first date. They want to be treated like someone you might want to spend the rest of your life with. Leave any intimacy you are hoping for in her hands.

3. Compliment Her

It should go without saying that you should always compliment a lady on a first date. Women spend much of their time on a date obsessing over not sitting up straight enough, if they are showing too much cleavage, and whether or not you find her as attractive as she is hoping. Ease her mind by complimenting her – and not just her looks! Remark about how interesting she is or the things that she has accomplished in her life. Remember, women like to have their brains flirted with more than their bodies.

4. Be Interested and Interesting

You know what a woman doesn’t want on a first date? Someone who states that they do nothing more than go to work and then sit at home and play video games and have absolutely no interests or ambitions. First and foremost, be an interesting person. Talk about the adventures you have taken and how they made you feel. Highlight interesting people you have met. Furthermore, be interested in her. Ask smart questions and pay attention. Do not make her repeat something that she already said because you weren’t paying attention.

That is it. Women simply want to have a date where the conversation is easy and fun, and they feel adored, even if there won’t be a second date. Before you end the date, be sure to lock in plans for the future. Test the waters to see if she would be interested in a second date and if she is, state that you will call to arrange in the coming week.