How to Write the Perfect “About Me” Section

The About Me section of a dating profile is your opportunity to jot down a few details about the type of person you are and what you want out of your personal life. For the 20-something generation, this is fairly simple. But for seniors – how do you sum up the last 40+ years of your life? The purpose of this section of your dating profile is to entice the reader to want to get to know all the little details that have made up your life thus far. Keep in mind these tips as you formulate the sum of who you are in 5-6 sentences.

You Are Interesting to Someone

How many times have you felt like you are just a boring older person? There have been countless times when I have heard seniors remark that there is “nothing special” about them to put in their profile. The truth is that you are interesting, in your own way. There is a person out there who finds the way you curl your hair endearing or loves to hear you recant the story of how you met Kevin Bacon in Las Vegas. Don’t diminish the little details about yourself! Put them out there for someone else to read and decide if it is intriguing to them.

Keep It Short

The primary mistake that all online dating users make is saying too much in their about me section. You want to keep it short – no more than six sentences or two paragraphs. Keep it simple – identify a few facts about yourself, such as:

  • Relationship StatusI am recently widowed/divorced.
  • Favorite Personal CharacteristicI am outgoing once you get to know me, but I start off shy.
  • Funny Personal StoryI have a zest for life. For my 65th birthday, I went skydiving. It was scary! I cried when we hit the ground, finally.
  • What You’re Looking ForI am seeking a like-minded individual for companionship. I do not plan to remarry.
  • What You Want in a PartnerI appreciate a hard-working man who remembers how women my age like to be treated and has a taste for adventure.

Be Real and Honest

Someone has loved you most of your life, just the way you are. Yet, despite this, many people feel the need to sugarcoat things that they feel others will not accept about them. Frankly, you are just too old (whether you are 20 or 70) to really care what other people think about you! Be real about the person you are. Don’t sugarcoat your flaws. Put it all out there for a prospective mate. That way, when you meet that special someone, you will know that he or she is truly falling for the real version of you.

Ask a Friend

After you have finished writing your profile, get a second or third opinion from your friends. Your dating profile is advertising who you are. When they read it, would they want to date you? If you are struggling with what to say, then check out other user profiles and see what they have written. As time goes on, you will learn how to tweak small bits of information to make your profile more attractive to potential matches.