How to Convey Your Emotions with Ease

Women are hailed as being emotional creatures, while men are deemed to be afraid of their own feelings. While this is not necessarily true, women find themselves self-conscious when it comes to expressing their emotions. As you bottle up your emotions, it makes it harder to connect with your partner. More of than not, women want to express their dissatisfaction in a relationship but struggle to do so without coming off as needy, condescending, or too emotional. These tips will help you successfully convey your emotions to your partner in a manner that makes it easier for him to listen, understand, and respond.

Step 1

Start the evening on a positive note. When it comes to having important discussions with your partner – especially those about your feelings – it’s important that you do it when his day or week hasn’t already been filled with a lot of excess stress. Men are more sensitive to the idea of having to tackle another “problem” in their lives when they are already handling other issues in other parts of their lives. If it seems like you never have time to connect with each other, then make it clear you want to talk and arrange a time that works best for him. Giving him that power makes it easier for him to respond positively toward making plans together.

Step 2

Sit next to him during the discussion. One huge mistake that women make is sitting across/ in front of their partner during important conversations. Especially if the conversation is about things that need to improve, this can be a problem. Men perceive face-to-face confrontation as more aggressive than it is. This is why when men fight, they get in the other person’s face. By sitting next to him, you instantly diffuse the tension and his natural response to go on the defensive. This helps the conversation flow more smoothly.

Step 3

Use a compliment sandwich. A compliment sandwich is where you surround negative comments with positive ones. Think of it like a burger. Each part of the bun is a positive comment, while the meat is a negative comment. Using this approach helps ease the burden of what you have to say and makes it clear that you are not trying to personally attack him. You want to convey how you feel by remarking on the things he does that make you feel good but then noting where you wish things would change and why.

Step 4

Listen to his feedback. Relationships are complex. As he provides his feedback, listen for hints that he, too, is feeling like you do not understand him or are not meeting his emotional needs. Take note of these and plan to change them.

Step 5

Make a solution and follow it daily. Finally, decide what you each will do to feel better in the relationship. Follow through with your promises daily.

Men are not afraid of emotions. In fact, men who are happy to be in a relationship with a woman will embrace her emotions, want to listen to what she has to say and come to a peaceful resolution to make her happy. Truly, it is all about the approach. Use this approach for the best success in conveying your emotions.