4 Traits Women Find Irresistible about Men!

Magazines for both men and women put a lot of emphasis on saying that you are not good enough the way you are. Do this – Do that – Wear this – Wear that. It’s never-ending! But who really wants to be in a relationship where they have to pretend to be anything other than their authentic self? Almost no one. What women really want from a man is someone who is genuine and who brings their true selves to the table from the very first moment. You might not hit it off with every woman, but these four traits are going to be irresistible to the right woman for the right reasons.

1. Show Your Sensitive Side

Forget everything you think you know about being a macho man. Women love to see the more sensitive side of their partner. She doesn’t want you to hold back how sad you are about your grandmother dying. She wants to see you cry from time to time. She wants to know that you are a human being with a full range of emotions that she can relate to. Be vulnerable. Show off your sensitivity.

2. Be Only You

Do you prefer to wear bow ties on a daily basis? Is your hair a bit unkempt? Do you live your life in surfer shorts and polo t-shirts? Well, okay then! There is no reason for you to ever try to put on a suit and comb your hair if that isn’t the real you. Ladies want to date someone who is authentic. Who is true to themselves and makes her feel like she can be true to herself. You will find it easier to connect when you are not worrying about whether or not you are following the status quo. Be only you. That guy is pretty awesome.

3. Don’t Be So Serious

Whoever started telling men that being serious and mysterious was the best approach to catching a woman should be banned from the world of advice. There are so many things about this life that are hilarious. Studies have proven that women LOVE to laugh – so make her laugh. Take everything with a grain of salt. Be humorous.

4. Make an Effort

Relationships are not as easy as you might think. They require real work. The reason why divorce rates are so high is that people skip out on doing the work because they think it should be effortless. Men who put effort into a relationship are more attractive than those who do not. This doesn’t mean sending flowers just because or buying expensive gifts. It simply means caring, showing that you care, and making time for your partner. Remember, women are like flowers; they need a little tender loving care, and they will bloom.