4 Savvy Suggestions to Get Her to Meet Offline

It’s been weeks of cute conversation between you and a match online. You’ve learned about her favorite color and her family. You’ve told her about your ambitions and best friends. Now, you are ready to meet her in person and see if that chemistry is still present. Taking the step offline is easier for some couples than for others. Women today are often hesitant to meet too soon for fear that it either won’t be as magical or that she might end up in the next plot of Criminal Minds. If you are ready for the casual meet and greet, then try out these four savvy suggestions to entice her for an offline meeting.

1. Coffee Date

The status quo is to suggest coffee or alcoholic drinks. Suggesting a coffee date, mid-day tells her that you don’t need alcohol just to be around her and makes it clear that your expectations are not too high.

2. Community Gathering

Do you both like art shows or live music? This is another great way to meet in public without going straight for the dinner date. She will appreciate that you care enough to bring up an activity that she stated that she enjoyed. Furthermore, public events like this take the pressure off and allow both of you to just relax, be yourselves, and get to know each other.

3. Outdoor Fun

A woman who loves hiking, botanical gardens, or kayaking isn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to do something like that with you. Make a suggestion for a nice day to get outdoors and do something that involves making memories that don’t need to be plastered on social media.

4. Group Date

Nothing beats killing two birds with one stone by offering a group date where you can meet her friends (or she meets yours) and have a good time. Group dates can also be one of the best ways to keep dating affordable and easy emptiness in your conversations. Plus, you’ll get the approval of her friends in the process, which will make a difference to her.

If you are ready to meet offline, make your intentions clear. Tell her that you are enjoying your conversation and would like to meet her in person. Don’t be pushy. Make a few suggestions for places/activities which you could meet at. If things go well, after that, you can pursue an official first date.