5 DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend This Holiday Season

The air is getting cooler. Halloween is over. And now, everywhere you look, there is sparkle and glitter and tinsel waiting for you. It is the time of year when women agonize over the perfect gift for their boyfriend. With a Pinterest world filled with creative DIY gifts, you might think that this is the must-do thing for your partner in crime. Executing these gifts is not always as easy, unfortunately. So we’ve come up with five DIY gifts that a perfect for our boyfriend.

1. Bath & Body Kit – Skill Level: Easy

If there is one thing that men cannot have enough of, it is their favorite bath and body stuff. Order up a membership to Dollar Shave Club and put it in a basket complete with a new bath towel, washcloth, loofa/body scrubber, face wash, shave gel, body wash, shampoo, and any other toiletry items he uses. This gift idea looks better than those pre-made giftsets and shows how much you pay attention to him.

2. Cocktail Kit – Skill Level: Easy

Does your guy love a good cocktail? Grab a few bottles of his favorite liquors and mixers and put them into a basket alongside new glasses and bar tools. You can also choose one of the hottest-selling bartender recipe books to fill out the pack. If you are feeling extra crafty, use monogram stencils and etching cream to etch his initials in all of the glasses.

3. Coffee Mug Set – Skill Level: Medium

If the idea of having to start a day without coffee sends your man running back to bed, then this is the gift for him. Grab a couple of plain coffee mugs at the dollar store and add your own spark. All you need is some Sharpie markers! Write cute quotes, designs, or sayings on the mugs. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes to set the marker, and you’re done! These are dishwasher and microwave-safe! Add in a few bags of his favorite coffee or a coffee shop gift card for a finishing touch.

4. Spice Set – Skill Level: Medium

You can buy spice blends just about anywhere, but they are healthier and more affordable when you make them yourself. Check out Pinterest for some creative ideas on how to make everything from Jerk Chicken Seasoning to Garlic Herb seasoning, to Cream of Whatever Soup, to Fajitas, to Pizza Flavored seasoning. You can find most of the ingredients needed at the dollar store and reuse the spice containers in which the items come in! This is also a great way to repurpose pasta sauce jars! Mix them up, add some homemade tags, and wrap them up with a few recipes. Remember to keep it simple. The idea with this is that all he has to do is sprinkle the blend on his favorite meats and veggies for a delicious and flavorful meal.

5. T-Shirt Quilt: Skill Level – Difficult

One gift that never goes out of style and has gained popularity in recent years is the t-shirt quilt. Making these is easy but time-consuming. You will need a minimum of 16 large t-shirts to work with. Cut each one to a square or rectangle over the logo/image that is on it. You will then sew them together, adhere to quilt batting, and add the bottom layer. This is a project that you can find numerous videos and blogs about. Focus on using t-shirts that represent the things you have done together. This way, every time he uses it, it will be a reminder of the two of you together.