8 Messaging Tips to Get Her Attention and Keep It

It is no secret that the first thing that attracts another person online is their profile picture. But once you’ve stunned a lady with your attractive features, how do you keep her interested and engaged to get to know you? It starts with that first online message and the ones to follow. More than a few men try to use their good looks as the end-all to attract a woman. However, no matter how handsome you are on the outside, if you are dull and boring on the inside, she isn’t going to be interested in giving you a chance. Using a few enhanced communication tips will help you connect with a match better and keep her intrigued by you all the way to the first date – and beyond. Implement these eight tips for your online messaging and watch the magic happen.

1 – Open with a Casual Greeting

Skip the “Hey Good Lookin’s” and other one-line messages that just say you think she’s a piece of action. Women want to feel valued from the start and know that you see them as more than just a pretty face.

2 – Compliment Something about Her Other than Her Looks

Women know they are attractive and, yes, want to hear it. However, your first message should focus on complimenting something other than her looks. Like, say, a hobby that she has or something you noticed in her profile pictures, like a pet.

3 – Ask Her a Question

Pick something else that you noticed and ask her about it. For example, if she mentions she has a dog, ask her about the name, age, and funny quirks.

4 – Share a Relevant Story of Your Own

Talk about your own pet and its funny quirks. Or another relatable story. You want her to feel like you have something in common.

5 – Highlight a Few Details about Yourself

Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Sum up who you are in one or two sentences.

6 – Be a Conversationalist with Open Questions

There are few things as frustrating as trying to have a conversation with a man who has one-sentence answers and doesn’t show any effort in maintaining the conversation. Make the effort! It’ll be the difference between you as a passing nod and that potential first date.

7 – Don’t Make Any Assumptions

Most women want more than one or two messages before they accept a first date. Don’t assume she will want to meet you tonight just because that is your way of doing things. Instead, get to know her and save both of you the time if you don’t click.

8 – Be a Gentleman

It should go without saying – skip the lude comments and even more lude pictures. There is nothing that will send a woman away faster than these things.

The art of communication is one that we all need a little help mastering. Making just a few changes to the way you approach women online can be the difference in finding  Mrs. Right Now and finding Mrs. Right.