Are Health Problems Preventing You from Dating?

The more dating seniors I talk to, the more I realize that serious health problems are often a deterrent to finding love. At the ripe age of 28, I can relate because I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). Dating for me will never involve running marathons or hiking the Adirondacks. Unfortunately, I was just born with mediocre lungs. As I have gotten older, environmental factors and allergies have caused my pulmonary health to plummet. The benefit that seniors have over me is that most of the people you are trying to date also have some sort of medical condition.

Stop Worrying and Start Living

One woman I talked with mentioned how she was worried about her COPD and overactive bladder being an embarrassment on a date. She is 65. I asked her one simple question – what is this really about? She wants to be loved again and worries that someone will see her as flawed. I think it is safe to assume that few people over 65 are in perfect health and perfect condition. Illnesses in all their shapes and forms are a part of life. You cannot let them keep you from living it! The best thing you can do is manage it as instructed by your doctor and avoid situations or circumstances that might make it worse. Seniors are more accepting of each other and their illnesses; this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing dates.

Be Open about Its Severity

At fear of being judged, many seniors do not outline the severity of their conditions. This is always a bad idea. If you have a bad heart or are in late-stage cancer, then tell the person you are dating. The time to find out about an illness is not when you are collapsed on the floor. It’s natural human nature to want to care for another being. As a senior, caring for another and being cared for is a vital part of your life. And listen, if someone can’t handle that you are not the 25-year-old version of yourself, then they do not belong with you anyway!

Cater Your Life Accordingly

Be honest with yourself about your limitations. As exciting as it might be to spend all day in the blazing sun at the World’s Largest Garage Sale if the edema in your legs can’t handle standing for that long, then it’s best to skip it. Dating at any age means finding ways to have fun where both of you are comfortable. Do not push yourself to the limit where you put your health in jeopardy. You will be forced to spend more time getting back to “normal” instead of having fun with your new love.