The 5 Stages of Male Attraction

When it comes to love, men and women start off very differently. Women are more likely to fall in love with a man right away and later fall out if things don’t go well. Men, however, take it slow. They get to know a woman gradually and fall in love with her little by little until they realize that they have hard feelings for her. In successful relationships, both people meet in the middle. Unfortunately, those relationships that fail often do so because women have reached a deeper emotional level than men, and they want more when they simply aren’t ready.

There are five stages to male attraction.

Stage 1: Physical Attraction

The first thing a man notices about a woman is the way she looks. He is attracted to her specific features that make him want to spend more time around her. Men are visual creatures, as it is said, and therefore, this should not be a surprise. Therefore the way you look is a big impression on the guy you meet.

Stage 2: Intellectual Attraction

After he starts to get to know you, he will fall for your conversation and your company. What you talk about and how you present your ideas plays a big part of his attractiveness to you. This is also where he discovers your endearing qualities and the habits that he simply cannot stand.

Stage 3: Obsession

In the middle of the falling-in-love process, men start to find themselves obsessed with their love interest. He will want to spend his time with you, know more about you, and think about you often. This typically happens after intimacy and a few dates. Men tend to put forth more effort during this stage, as well.

Stage 4: Confirmation

Once a man thinks that he has caught your eye, he is going to want confirmation of it. This can happen a few weeks or even a few months after you first start dating. The confirmation stage is where he takes the initiative to give what you have a title. This is often the make-or-break stage of dating. Either you are in agreement that you are dating exclusively, or you are on different pages, and you end up calling it quits.

Stage 5: Love

Finally, once a guy realizes that he simply cannot be without you – it is love. This stage is filled with looks of adoration and lovely moments together. It may take months to get to this point for some men. Others might not realize it until someone points it out to them or their relationship ends. Either way, it does happen.

So when you find yourself frustrated that your affection isn’t responded to in the same manner that you are giving, keep in mind that men simply love differently! Patience is a virtue when it comes to finding love.