4 Traits Men Really Love in Women

Ladies, how many times have you thought that if you were just skinnier… just prettier… just had a bigger bum… then a man would be attracted to you? I know I’ve been there myself. But if you look around the world, women who do not fall into those crazy standards are just as happy in love. Turns out that while yes, there are men who care only about looks, there are many more men who want something deeper from their attraction to a woman. These four traits are considered the most appealing to men.

1. Confidence

We have all heard that confidence is the sexiest thing to a man. But do you actually exude it? Feeling good about yourself is a never-ending battle for many women. The best way to feel confident and to act confident is to find something that makes you confident. For example, I love my curly hair! I get many compliments on it. Even on my worst days, I can let my hair down and know that it makes me feel good about myself. If wearing a certain outfit or your hair a certain way makes you feel on top of the world, then do that when you are meeting someone new.

2. Independence

Men want to be there to protect you and help you, but they do not need you to cling to them constantly. Be free. Be independent. Have your own hobbies and activities that you cannot live without. Make time for him in your life, but still have a life outside of him. Men need to know that you are off doing fun and exciting things that do not include him. It makes him see you as someone who is equal, not a child he needs to care for.

3. Vulnerability & Openness

There are few things as difficult as being vulnerable and open in a relationship. You might be worried that your newfound love interest is going to run for the hills when they find out about your inner crazy, but they will not. At least, the men who are meant to be part of your life will not. Men find vulnerability and openness just as attractive as women do. Let your guard down. Let him in. Let him see and know the real you. What you share with him might just be the thing that makes him love you even more.

4. Fun & Happiness

Life is too short to be serious all the time. Men enjoy a woman who can let loose and have fun with them. Be a little spontaneous. Have some adventures. They also prefer women who are positive and upbeat most of the time. Happiness is contagious.