Zoosk: What to Expect with the #1 Mobile App

Zoosk is hailed as being the #1 mobile dating application. Sure, we all know someone who has successfully found their match on the app, but what is it really all about? Zoosk is unlike the applications that are counterpart to the top dating websites like Plenty of Fish or eHarmony.com. In fact, it’s almost like a different experience altogether. Before you buy into the hype, here is what you need to know.


As far as user-friendly goes, Zoosk is par for the course. Setting up your profile is quick and easy. You are required to give minimal information when you get started. All it takes is a username, email, password, age, and location. All of this information can even be imported from your favorite social media site.

After you have verified your email address, you will be able to upload a handful of pictures and input information about your likes, dislikes, and who you are as a person into your profile. The application encourages you to keep it short and simple since the user base is mobile and, therefore, going to be uninterested in reading long-winded profiles.

But once you get that set up, the real challenges begin.


As a new user, your profile will be put at the top of the suggestion list to other users. Here’s the catch: the majority of users who attempt to contact you will be outside of your geographic area. In fact, in my first few hours checking out the application, not one person who was presented to me as a match or who contacted me even lived in my state. When you are interested in meeting someone new, you want to actually be able to meet them. This feature alone is one of the top complaints about Zoosk from other online reviewers.

You will notice that there is a “carousel” of users for you to look over and select which you would be interested in meeting. This is similar to the features on Plenty of Fish.com and Tinder. You can quickly browse photographs and earn coins for every user that you say “maybe” or “yes” to. These coins can be used later to unlock other features.

Zoosk also has its own messaging and chatting system similar to all other dating programs.

Cost & Worth

Downloading and getting started with Zoosk is free. However, if you want to read messages that other users send you, respond to them, view user profiles, or have any chance at meeting someone, then you need to pay for a membership. You cannot even see who has viewed your profile without that membership.

While the membership price is on point with sites like Match.com and eHarmony.com, the features leave much to be desired. If you are going to spend money on a dating service, then you are better off focusing your efforts on sites like eHarmony.com, which have extensive profile enhancement factors in place to dramatically improve your odds of finding love.

I found myself in agreement with other online reviewers stating that all in all, Zoosk is not worth the code it is written in. Clearly, it’s a case of really good marketing.