Is Your Match a Site Camper?

In the restaurant industry, there is one type of customer that nearly all waitstaff despise – The Camper. This term is assigned to an individual or group of people who come into a restaurant, eat their meal in a timely fashion, and then proceed to sit at a table long after their meal is completed. If you’ve done this before, you probably are wondering what the big deal is. Servers often have stations, and your table is one of those stations. By taking up that table for hours on end with no intention of ordering more to eat or drink, you are essentially taking away money from the server.

Dating websites have a similar type of user. This user is one who spends a lot of their free time on the dating site with no intention of actually getting on with a relationship. Think you might be interacting with one of these users? Here are three tips to keep it real and not let these users be a time suck for you.

1 – Have a Timeline

A few weeks or even a month or two is a fully acceptable time frame for two people to talk online or on the phone before ever meeting in person. Not everyone is so quick to jump on the idea of meeting a complete stranger in person. Furthermore, those who are expecting more out of their online dating experience are going to be more willing to put in the legwork at the beginning so that they do not waste any of their date nights.

2 – Monitor Communication

Site campers will be great communicators, but they won’t be all that interested in getting to know you. Their conversation may be engaging but it is often one-sided. Chances are, much of the information they share is made up, which is why they seem so intriguing to you. If you are thinking that this user is great but they still haven’t committed to a date, it might be time to call it quits and move on to the next match.

3 – Have Realistic Expectations

You will encounter users that are simply indecisive. They might seem like they are ready for a date but be unwilling to commit to one with you. If you are really smitten with someone, then it is easy to want to wait it out and see how it all goes. In order for you to be successful with online dating, you have to have realistic expectations. Don’t get caught up in the potential of someone and forget that you are simply waiting for something that may or may not happen. Keep your expectations in check, and if you realize that this person isn’t ready for the next step, then simply move on.

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