5 Deal Breakers for Women

There will always be a woman who loves you despite your messy car or questionable eating habits. But there are a few things that women just cannot stand. It only takes one unforgettable or unforgivable quirk for a woman to not go on a second date with you or end a relationship that seems like it’s been going well. Don’t let yourself be sidelined by not knowing what you did wrong. Here are the five things that women state are deal breakers when meeting someone new and pursuing a relationship.

1. Bad Hygiene

Hopefully, you know how to take care of yourself at this point. Bad hygiene is about more than just showering regularly and brushing your teeth. Some men have an odor that cannot be washed away. Furthermore, that odor seeps into your clothes and is constantly lingering around you. Your nose has gone “blind” to the scent, but the girl you are dating isn’t so lucky.

Need an example? A friend of mine was casually seeing this one guy. She said that the biggest problem with him was that after a workout, he would smell REALLY bad. Even after washing his workout clothes, they still wreaked. The simple solution here is clinical strength deodorant and washing your clothes with some Borax added in to eliminate any stains. Don’t let this guy be you! Women want a man who smells and looks clean, wrapping his arms around her.

2. Emotional Baggage

Women are portrayed as being the ones who carry around emotional baggage but really, it’s the men. A man will try to move on from a relationship but still spend months or even years dwelling on that one relationship he didn’t get closure with. When you are focused on your ex and your unresolved feelings, you are taking away from the love you could be giving to your new partner. Women notice this sort of thing. She wants a man who is focused on her and a future with her. If she senses that you are too tied up with your past to really care about her then she will not hesitate to drop you like a bad habit.

3. Being Unreliable

In a relationship, women like to know that they can count on the man that they are with. She needs to know that you will do the things that you say you are going to do when you say them. There is nothing attractive about being unreliable. Women list this as one of the worst traits in a partner. If she constantly has to wonder if you are going to follow through on the simplest of things then she is more likely to do everything herself and quickly realize that you are not worth her time.

4. Clingy and Insecure

Much like men, women hate to feel like someone is constantly in their space. Men who need to be around their woman every second of every day can get annoying fast. Women need and want their own space in a relationship. Surprisingly, the more space you give her, the more she will want to be around you more often. Another deal breaker is being insecure. If she is dating you, she is interested in you. Unless she has proven to be a cheater in the past, you have no reason to believe that her intentions with you are anything but pure. If you spend your time stalking her social media sites and questioning every person of the opposite sex that she contacts then you can bet she is going to say goodbye.

5. Extra Opinionated

Relationships always involve an exchange of opinions. Both people will never agree on all of the same things – and that is okay. But where men go wrong is when they suddenly think that they have the right to be extra pushy about their opinions on topics that are really none of their business. One such topic is birth control. Especially when you first start dating a woman, what she does with her body is her business. Whether you agree with it or not. As the relationship progresses, your opinion on the matter might be more welcome. When you start pushing your opinions on your partner, you make her feel like her opinions are not of value, and that will drive her away.