4 Questions to Ask a Woman

Women are viewed as being deeper thinkers than men. What this means is that we think about the basis behind the things that a man says, does, and asks us. We also try to read between the lines for a deeper meaning, which may or may not be there. During the getting-to-know-you phase of a new relationship, you will probably ask the basic questions about upbringing, memories, work, and family.

After that, you might find yourself at a loss for questions to ask. Keep it interesting, and who you want to know her on a deeper level by asking these four questions.

What Is One Thing You Want to Accomplish in Life?

The one thing that a woman wants to accomplish in life goes far beyond the boundaries of a solid relationship, marriage, children, and even job success. During each stage of her life, she has had some sort of goal that she wanted to work towards. It may have been fruitful, or it may have been replaced by a new goal thanks to her changing ideals. Either way, you should want to know what she hopes to accomplish, without fail, before she dies and why.

What Is the Most Important Component of a Relationship, to You?

The true meaning of a relationship is different for each and every one of us. The one detail that is what we care about beyond all things should be known by your partner. Women often feel insecure about what they really need from a relationship and do not want to voice their opinion, which is why it is a good idea for you to bring it up.

By asking, you are letting her know that her concerns, desires, etc., are truly important to you, and you want to know if you both agree on it for a healthy, lasting relationship.

What Is Your Favorite Trait about Yourself?

The unfortunate truth is that women spend too much of their time in self-loathing and comparing themselves to models on the pages of magazines and other women. Show her that you want to see what she sees in herself by asking this question. It gives women the opportunity to think about what makes them truly unique. Is it her lust for travel or her work ethic that she appreciates most about herself? Figure out what she values and keep your focus on it so that you can value it about her, too.

What Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to You?

A harder question to ask is, what is the worst thing that has ever happened? No one likes to relive their past pains and heartache. However, by asking this question, you are showing her that you care about the bumps in the road that have made her the person that she is today. You are making a genuine attempt to get to know her, the way she processes her emotions and fears, and how she has overcome the pain.

All of these questions give you a chance to get to know a woman on a deeper level. If she feels like you want to know the real her, she is more likely to trust you and dive into a relationship with you versus holding back and simply going through the motions. The result will be the stronger relationship that you both are looking for.