Successful Couples Aren’t Doing This Online

There is a shift happening on the World Wide Web, and it’s so subtle that many of us did not even notice it. Despite being a share-everything culture, we are seeing less and less relationships on social media. Think I’m wrong? Think about your top 10 friends on Facebook who you know are in a happy, successful relationship. How many of them are broadcasting it all over their social media accounts? Not many.

In fact, I have even noticed that many of my married or dating friends are not even friends with their partners on Facebook. The pictures are limited and the shop talks about them too.

Why Is This?

If you have been using social media long enough, then you are noticing that it can be a distraction in your life, and it can really impact your ability to maintain your relationship – peacefully and privately. The best way to avoid the perception of others is by keeping your relationship to yourself. After all, your relationship isn’t about your friends or your family; it’s just about you. As more people start to realize that they don’t need or want the approval of every person they have ever known in terms of their relationship, they are slowly keeping more and more things offline.

Why Does It Work?

When your relationship is in the public eye, it makes everyone think it is their business. Just look at how often we feel it is our place as “fans” to criticize the relationship of celebrities. The constant negativity and opinions we get from other people weigh on us. It makes us look at our relationships differently. It makes it harder for us to see what we want to see because we are focused on everyone else’s opinions.

When you eliminate that factor, it allows your relationship to face less stress from scrutiny. The less external stress that is on your relationship, the easier it is for you to focus on keeping it healthy and happy.

Privacy Is a Blessing

Too many people do not realize what a blessing privacy can be to your relationship. For me, I only allow a few close people to know when I am dating someone. You know, women need to talk to their friends about this stuff. Mostly, I keep things very private. I’m not interested in the opinions of others. Privacy allows us to live and enjoy our lives without concern for others. You will discover that the more private you keep in your relationship, the more you are able to enjoy and savor it.