4 Strategies for Captivating Her Friends

If there is one person or group of people that every woman trusts, it is their friends. When it comes to love, women turn to their friends for an objective view of all things relating to their new partner. From how to handle an argument to how to find the perfect gift to understanding his actions – friends are her confidantes, therapists, and gurus. Once a woman decides that you might be the next great love of her life, she will want you to meet her friends – a.k.a. let them feel you out and get their feedback. Wooing her friends with your charm and personality is exactly what it takes to secure a spot in her heart. Don’t worry if you are not naturally charismatic; we’ve got four strategies to make you a winner in their eyes.

1. Care about Their Lives

The first thing that women look for is your attentiveness to details. When your girlfriend talks about her friends, try to pay attention and pick up on key information about them. Is one married or has a child? Does one work a particularly interesting type of job? Is one going through a hard time in a certain area of her life? When you meet these people in person, be sure to comment on these different aspects of their lives. Ask questions, be interested. When you do this, you make them feel important.

2. Be a Helpful Co-host

Let’s say that you are meeting these women because your partner is having them over for wine or dinner. In this situation, you will want to be a helpful co-host without dominating the evening. Introduce yourself, offer the ladies and your partner drinks, and help her get things set up. You can easily impress them by being a gentleman and then skirting off to your man cave and doing whatever it is that you want for the remainder of the evening.

3. Bring a Gift

When meeting your girlfriend’s best friends for the first time, and it is at their house, bring a gift. Keep it simple with a bottle of wine or similar items which can be contributed to the dinner ahead. Try to pick your girlfriend’s brain about the best item to bring. She will be impressed that you took the initiative to think about it, and her friend will note your gentlemanly ways and find you appealing from the start.

4. Lay on the Compliments

It goes without saying that women love to be complimented. As such, be sure to compliment her friends. Choose less obvious things about them like a particular piece of jewelry she is wearing or the style of her hair. During the conversation, if you find something that is worth complimenting, like her achievements in work, then compliment those.

Captivating a woman’s friends is nothing more than showing them the same respect and admiration that you show your partner. At the end of the evening, they will be happy she has found you and jealous she gets to take you home.