Senior Dating: Getting in the Game Again

Dating is never easy – regardless of your age. But when you are dating as a senior you will realize that things have really changed since your last turn around the table. For many seniors, embracing the world of modern dating can be daunting. As much as you would like to get back out there, you are a little afraid of the game. And that’s okay! Keep yourself on point with these tips for getting your mind back in the game.

1. Skip the Excuses

Remember that phrase “Excuses are like _____, everyone has them and they always stink”? Keep that in mind if you are making up excuses on why you shouldn’t be dating as a senior. No one said you have to be the Rico Suave of serial daters that you were in your early 20s, but no one said that you cannot be at your prime right now. If anything, dating as a senior should be less stressful simply because you are not worried about marriage, kids, financially supporting a family, and the mounting debt you had when you were younger.

2. Remember That Dating Is Fun

Before the house and the bills and the family and the long hours working, there was a time when you couldn’t wait for that Friday night date. Dust off those old memories to help you remember just how much fun dating can be. The more you emphasize the fun you can have, the more fun it really will be!

3. Take It Slow

If you think you are the only senior who is lost in the world of dating – think again. Mobile dating, single’s events, online dating – it’s a lot to handle. Take it slow while you get back into the dating game. Start off with fun group events at your local community center or dating events for seniors that are coordinated by area dating services.

4. Be True to You

Maybe staying out all night under the stars was the highlight of your 20-something dating years, but you are not that person anymore. You might not be able to cut a rug like Fred Astaire, and that is just fine. Stay true to your own nature by doing things that you like and can handle with your current physical state. Chances are that if you are dating someone else your age, then they will not be offended by an Early Bird dinner or getting home by 9 PM.

5. Keep Your Mind Open

The rules of dating have changed. Even the rules of how to date and where to meet people have changed. Keep an open mind about these changes. Dating is not what it used to be, and that is often scary to seniors. But once you embrace the new ideals of dating, you will find it easier than ever to find love – again.