Is Guided Communication Right for You?

Guided communication is one type of messaging that is available through select online dating sites. and are two sites that have these features. Both sites state that a large percentage of their users prefer this option to traditional messaging.

Guided communication is a step-by-step process of getting to know someone and starting communication through a series of questions and writing prompts. The concept is designed to help even a shy person be the master of communication with a potential match. However, despite its success, it is not right for everyone.

What’s the Difference? and are two dating sites that do not allow users to search through a massive online database. You might say that these two sites are designed for individuals who genuinely want to find love over the internet. Users are presented with potential matches based on the extensive psychological questionnaires that are filled out during the profile setup process.

The system algorithm then identifies various characteristics of your personality that align with those of other users. You are only able to start communication with users who are designated as a potential match in hopes of more meaningful conversation.

How Does It Help You?

Guided communication is designed to facilitate the communication process between two people. On, for example, you could send an “icebreaker” to another user. This can be a variety of things, but typically, it is a series of basic questions that allow you to get to know someone. If the person responds, you know that they have a mutual interest in getting to know you.

The message prompts help you write messages that actually help you learn more about the other person and drive them to give you detailed responses. Guided communication is ideal for anyone who is interested in starting communication but is nervous or struggles to generate engaging conversation on their own.

Do You Have to Use It?

It is not mandatory to use guided communication on those dating sites that offer it. It is, however, preferred by many users because it makes the entire communication process easier. The alternative is traditional onsite email messaging communication. Both options can be effective when used properly.

The primary benefit of guided communication is that it will help improve your message with hints, tips, information, potential questions, and more. Using guided communication increases your chances of getting a response from a match because it aids you in making a more engaging message that another user will want to respond to.