4 Things Your Online Profile Is Telling Other Users

Do you ever check out the list of users who have viewed your online profile and wonder why some of them didn’t contact you? What was it about you that deterred them from wanting to say “hello” or, at the very least, make a passive flirting poke through your dating site? Studies have revealed that there are many details about your profile that can deter other users. In fact, it is such a dilemma that there are services designed to build your online profile so that you can be the most appealing. Here are five things that your profile could be telling others, whether you realize it or not.

1. You Aren’t Ready for a Relationship

Individuals who are looking for love are always on the lookout for those users who seem like they are ready for romance but really are not. What kinds of profile details show that you are not ready for a relationship? Key phrases like:

  • I’m an all-around fun guy and that is what I like to do.
  • My last partner was (details about breakup).
  • I’m in a place right now where I am working on myself.

These phrases, in their own way, tell the other person that although you might be looking for love, you probably are more interested in a causal fling verses getting serious with anyone.

2. You Don’t Know What You Want

Have you ever heard that someone was too good to be true? One mistake that individuals make when they set up their online profile is to create it to attract more women/men rather than to represent who they really are. This means that the profile talks about how she is a perfect housewife with a good career, and he is the utmost gentleman and wants to get married and provide for his family. When you cast a large net, you tell serious users that you don’t really know what you want. Instead of refining your desires in love and a relationship, you try to appeal to as many people as possible and hope one of them “sticks”. Eventually, you’ll realize that keeping up a façade that is not you is hard, and the relationship will end.

3. You Are Full of Yourself

A dating profile should accomplish two things – identify what you are looking for in a partner and highlight fun facts about yourself. If your profile is riddled with a bullet-pointed list of facts about yourself or what you want in a partner, which sounds more like demands, then it tells users you are full of yourself. Your profile should come off as confident – not cocky. Another no-no is simply stating, “I’m an open book; ask me anything.” Or “I’m too interesting to fit it all here. Just message me.” What this tells users is that you are so busy with yourself that you cannot take a few minutes to fill out your profile in an effort to catch your ideal mate.

4. You Are Desperate for Love

Desperation is not cute. Men and women both make the mistake of turning their dating profile into a sounding board for their bad luck in love. If your profile is filled with “I’m a great guy, I don’t know why I’m still single,” whining, you are telling other users that you are desperate for love, adoration, and validation of who you are. Come off cool and collected; not like you are dancing the line of paying someone to be your plus one.