4 Reasons You Do Not Need to Be Facebook Friends with a Match

There is a natural progression when it comes to online dating. You start messaging with someone. You might start texting or calling them. Then you let them become friends with you on Facebook because you want to get a bigger picture of their life and who they are. We do this so mindlessly that many of us do not even realize the potential problems it can cause in our personal lives and our real lives. Before you click Accept Friend, consider these four reasons why you do not need to be Facebook friends with an online match until you have established your relationship further.

Personal Information Is Abundant

We often forget that social media accounts like Facebook have a lot of personal information, including our phone numbers, addresses, places we’ve visited, email addresses, where we work, and our birthdays. We have countless pictures of friends and family as well. It makes it simple for someone to stalk us and those in our inner circle online.

It Breeds Misconception

Nothing breeds misconception as well as social media. We see pictures of our online match with a pretty girl or good-looking guy and instantly think there is something going on that we don’t know about. From there, it’s only an hour of internet stalking and a few more assumptions later before we are blowing up the message center with hate messages. Turns out they are just friends, since childhood, and you look like a jerkface. The whole thing could have been avoided if you just were not friends on Facebook.

Facebook Should Be for People Close to You

If you want to make connections with random people you do not know, use Twitter or Instagram. Facebook is one of those social networks that should be reserved for individuals and their closest friends and family. This does not include someone you haven’t even met offline yet. Again, you are giving a complete stranger a look into your life where they can easily follow you or your friends or your family.

You Feel Jealousy

Another problem with being friends with an online match is that it breeds jealousy and feelings of annoyance. Like, you are trying to get that first date scheduled but she is too busy partying every weekend with her friends. You start to feel jealous and like you are wasting your time. You will probably say some things you shouldn’t. Even in full-blown relationships, how someone chooses to spend their time is their business. If they want to share it with you, then okay. But long before the world of social media and cell phones, we all had to trust that someone was doing what they said when they said and would be back when they planned to be.

Don’t let social media ruin your relationship before it even has a chance to start! If someone wants to get to know you and your life, they can talk to you or meet you offline.