Get Her to Say Yes to a Date with These 5 Tips

Everyone knows that dating websites are a great way to get introduced to new people. What feel people ever mention, however, are the challenges of getting your date offline and in person. One wrong remark during the communication phase and your relationship could fizzle out before it even has a chance to bloom. Even worse, you can think you are making headway only to discover that she’s not that interested in you when you finally do ask her out. Lucky for you guys, dating doesn’t have to be that complicated. Use these five tips to increase the chances of her saying yes to your first date.

1. Communicate Often & with Authenticity

Women can tell when you aren’t really interested in getting to know them. If she is looking for real romance and dating in her life, your lackluster responses can be enough to send her running for the hills. It is very simple – communicate often and communicate with authenticity. While you shouldn’t let online messaging rule your life, if you are interested in a woman, make it a point to communicate with her at least once every 48 hours. When you ask questions that actually get to know her on a deeper level, you are communicating with authenticity. She wants to know that you want more than to get in her pants – especially if she is looking for more in a relationship than that.

2. Be Patient

People often think that you should rush to get your date offline – I disagree. Every person, every new communication, every relationship is different. Sometimes, it will feel right to have the first date that week; other times, you or she might want to give it a month before the meeting. If you are actually interested in her, then be patient. Give her time to feel comfortable enough with you to commit to that date. You do this by following tip one!

3. Be Interested in Her

Women love feeling adored by a person they are interested in being romantically involved with. Make it a point to want to know her – and make sure she knows it. Ask questions about her likes and dislikes, her childhood experiences, and her long-term goals, and don’t forget to learn more about her family and work. Think of your mission as collecting enough information about her to write a novel. You want to know everything! So ask her everything!

4. Make Sure She Is Interested in You

A vital component of her agreeing to meet you offline is a shared interest. There are women who will respond to your message simply because it is the polite thing to do. However, if she isn’t making an effort to get to know you, to ask questions about you, to communicate often and authentically with you – then stop the pursuit. There is no other way to say this – you simply deserve better.

5. Be Flirty without Being Creepy

It is easy to get friend-zoned when you are dabbling in online dating. This, unfortunately, happens because you don’t make it clear that you are interested in more than simply being a sounding board for her interests and the details of her day. Insert flirty comments when appropriate, but be cautious not to come on too strongly, or she might think you are a creep. As a rule of thumb, if you would make the comment to someone you work with and are confident it would not be sexual harassment, then it is okay to say. However, if something could be construed otherwise, then do not say it.