10 Things You Should Say to Your Significant Other More Often

There are things your partner wants and needs to hear you say regularly to continue feeling your love and devotion. Some things they know about, and others they don’t, so communication is always a priority when it comes to intimate relationships. It also helps to be intentional when telling your partner what they need (and want) to hear from you.

So what are those things that your partner would love to hear and hear often? Focus on rebuilding your relationship with these 10 things, and watch how your partner opens up like never before.

Here at 10 things to say to your partner as much as possible:

1. That you’d love to make their life easier

If you want to thrive in your relationship, you should help your partner create a fulfilling life. So, as soon as you wake up, figure out what you can do to help make that happen. It could be things like picking up the kids or cleaning up the kitchen. They’ll be more inclined to do the same when they witness your efforts.

2. That you’d love to continue dating them

Often, when we get into long-term relationships, we get complacent and stop trying to date our partners. Experts suggest keeping the firing burning by continuing to take your significant other out on pre-planned dates at least twice a month.

Dating Life of Married Couples Graph

Where do you fit in? Whether you plan your date or make it a surprise, taking your partner out for a night on the town helps your bond grow stronger over time.

3. That you enjoy having them around

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, but often people assume that just because they’re in a relationship, their partner knows they enjoy their company. While this is often the case, when it’s not as obvious, a simple “I love hanging out with you because you’re fun to be with” can go a long way. Try it out and make your partner’s day.

4. That you’d like to know about their day

A significant cornerstone of any relationship is the daily dish. While these conversations don’t need to happen every day, showing that you have a genuine interest in what goes on in your partner’s life is a refreshing gesture. It’s simple. Just ask, “How was your day?” and then listen.

5. That you support them and their goals

We all need to have that one person who supports us and is on our side when life gets tough. When you sprinkle in comments like “you were so right about that” or “I totally get where you’re coming from” throughout your conversations, it shows your partner you’ve got their back.

6. That you still find them physically attractive

Not one person on this earth feels sexy and attractive 24/7. But don’t wait until your partner feels insecure about their appearance before reassuring them that you still find them attractive. Tell them things like, “You look beautiful” or “I love that outfit on you.” It’s comments like this that can uplift and inspire.

People hop on dating sites and tell matches they’ve just met what they want to hear. “You’re so beautiful,” and “I find you so attractive.” You may have stated these things to your partner when you first met, but after several years, they still need to hear that you’re attracted. Surprisingly, those words mean more now than ever.

7. That they are a priority

After so long together, letting your partner slip on your priority list is easy. But when you tell them, “You’ll always be first on my list, so if I forget, remind me,” they’ll understand how important they are and that you’re making an effort.

8. That you’re sorry

You’re not perfect: you will mess up sometimes. But when you do screw up, be sure to admit to it and apologize for your error. We guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

9. That you appreciate them

Stop taking your partner for granted. Tell them how glad you are that they’re your boyfriend/girlfriend as often as you can. If they do something nice for you, don’t just give a blanket “thanks.” Instead, tell them why you appreciate their efforts. “Thank you for dropping off the dog at the groomers because it allowed me to get to work on time.”

10. That you love them

In my opinion, telling someone you love them can’t be said enough, but you may be surprised at how often couples don’t say it to each other. Say it when you wake up, before going to work, and before bed. If that’s too much—and it is for some people—text them an “I love you” when you’re at work. It doesn’t take much to do, but it will mean everything to your partner.

The good news is that divorce rates have slightly declined over the past few years. The bad news is that at over 50%, they’re still high. Keep your relationship afloat by investing a little effort, and soon you’ll see the returns on your investment.