Big Church Review

Since launching in 2000, Big Church has grown to be one of the biggest dating sites for Christian singles on the web. There are an impressive number of active members at this site, and a wide range of denominations within the Christian faith are catered for.

With a welcoming community atmosphere and a good range of features, Big Church is definitely a Christian dating site worth considering. It is suitable for those looking for casual dating and serious relationships, and also those just looking to meet others that share their faith.

  • Overall Rating: 2/5
    • Features: 2/5
    • Ease of Use: 2/5
    • Pricing: 3/5
    • Membership: 1/5
Sign-Up Time:30-45 Minutes
Cost:$9.99 – $19.99 per month
Membership Pool:500,000

There are three levels of membership available at Big Church: standard, silver, and gold. Standard membership is free, but your use of the site is somewhat more limited. With a silver membership, you can do pretty much everything you need to do, and a gold membership gives you a few extra benefits. You will find full pricing information in this Big Church review, along with additional details and features of the dating site.

1 – Signing Up & Creating Your Profile

It is easy enough to get signed up at Big Church and you just have to provide a few details before you are ready to go. The process for creating your profile is pretty standard, with certain information that is required and additional fields that you can choose to complete right away or leave until a later date. You do have to mention what type of relationship you are looking for, what denomination you belong to, and how serious you are about your faith. You are not obliged to add any photos, but it is recommended.

As an additional part of creating your profile, you can choose to use the Dove Service to add information about your preferences in terms of what kind of person you are looking for. It is well worth adding this information, as you will then automatically receive notifications when someone that matches your requirements joins the site. You can also prevent anyone that doesn’t match some, or all, of your requirements from contacting you, although you might find that this limits your potential for meeting someone.

2 – Searching & Contacting Others

The search facility at Big Church is very flexible, and you can make searches that are as broad or precise as you want. You can search based on a number of parameters, such as the type of relationship sought, age, location, denomination, and time of last activity. If you have a very clear idea about the kind of person you are looking for, then you can perform a very detailed search and find those members that match your requirements. Alternatively, you can do a more basic search which returns a wider range of profiles for you to look through.

It is easy enough to get in touch with any members that you do like the look of. The internal mail system works just like email, without having to use your own email address. There is also an instant messenger system and a number of chat rooms where you can chat privately or within a group. If you want to let someone know that you are interested without actually sending a message, you can also choose to send winks, smiles or waves.

3 – Additional Features

There are a few extra features worth mentioning at Big Church. One such feature is ConfirmID, where you can verify all your information to confirm that you are who you say you are. You are not obliged to do this, but members that do confirm their identity are more likely to be contacted by other members as there is an instant level of trust. Another feature that may appeal to some is the ability to record a video introduction that you can add to your profile. There is also the magazine section where you can write your own articles or blog and receive comments from members, and comment on other articles you have read.

4 – Payment & Pricing

As we have mentioned, there are two paid levels of membership at Big Church. Silver membership is $15.99 for one month, or $9.99 per month if you pay for three months at a time. Gold membership is $19.99 for one month, or $12.49 per month if you pay for three months at a time. If you want to be able to contact other members, you will need at least a silver membership. Gold membership gives you a few extra benefits, such as having your profile listed more prominently. If you wish, you can pay a little extra and allow non-paying members to contact you.


Big Church clearly has a lot to offer and offers pretty good value for the money. Like many dating sites, it is a little difficult to gauge exactly how many of the members are active on the site, but the fact that you can carry out searches to include only those that have been online recently make this somewhat redundant. Overall, we rate Big Church very highly and would certainly recommend giving this Christian dating site a go.