5 Things Men Want Women to Remember

There is a lot of pressure for men to remember the little details about a woman’s likes and dislikes but not so much on women. Truthfully, both people in a relationship should be making an effort to remember what is important. Men and women categorize information differently which means that what they view as important is going to vary. While women want men to remember special dates, whether or not they like surprises and the names of their closest friends and family, men have a different idea in mind. Here are five things that your men want women to remember.

1 – Clothing Preferences

Clothing is often a go-to gift choice for women to buy for men. However, when you choose something that is what you want versus what he might actually wear then you are doing nothing more than setting up your relationship for a fight. Women should know a man’s favorite style of shirt, slacks, shoes, and what sizes he wears. It makes gift shopping that much easier and you know he will love it in the end.

2 – Must-Have Items

Some men value watches and hats the way that other women value heels and purses. I, admittedly, love boots and kitchen gadgets. Regardless of what it is, you should know which items your partner must have. Men have particular tastes in the things that they like whether it is accessories or gaming equipment, be sure to keep a list of the items that you know he wants to have even if he cannot afford it.

3 – His Favorite Foods

We have all heard the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – right? With that in mind, you should always have his favorite meals in the back of your mind. Even if you only make them once per month, you are making them because he likes them. Men get weirdly excited about their favorite foods and remembering this little detail shows just how much you care.

4 – His Friends

You know things are serious if a man introduces you to his friends. Statistically, men have half as many “close” friends as women do. This means that there are far fewer people for you to remember than there are for him when it comes to your friends. If he makes an effort to introduce you to someone then you need to make the effort to remember their names and various information about them. Ask about them every once in a while and even invite them out or over to dinner. When you make friends with a man’s friends you are essentially making nice with him.

5 – His Types of Adventures

Currently, I’m dating a guy who is deeply into obstacle course races. He is constantly looking for a new opportunity to try out one of these races in his area or even in an adjoining state. In support of his passion, I have helped him find a variety of races happening in different areas that he will be traveling to for work. Maybe someday I will even join him on a race, but in the meantime, I show my support by helping him find those races that interest him and cheering him on while not being too upset that I won’t get to see him.