4 Ways to Be Intimate Outside the Bedroom

When we think about intimacy, we often assume that it means physical contact with another person. But intimacy is much deeper than that. True intimacy is the foundation of any healthy relationship – at any age. Intimacy outside of the bedroom is often essential for couples who struggle with physical connection and want a better way to feel close to their partner.

Practicing these ways to be intimate outside of the bedroom will bring you closer to your partner and make it easier to connect and stay connected inside and outside of the bedroom.

Be Vulnerable

Have you ever watched a movie and simply fell in love with the honesty and love between two of the characters? We feel that way because we are able to see their vulnerable moments. We see the complete picture of their lives which makes us sympathize with them and their feelings. Vulnerability is sexy, period.

Plan time each week where you and your partner talk about what is really on your mind. Shut off the electronic devices and simply enjoy each other’s company. Talk about your relationship and express your feelings for each other in an open and honest way.

Let Him/Her Be Your Hero

One thing that men and women both need in a relationship is someone to lean on. Your partner should look at you as if you are their hero. That look that they have, that is almost like they see magic when they look at you.

It is often the little things that make us our partner’s hero. It’s the way a man rocks his baby to sleep or the way a woman stays up late to make cupcakes for a special occasion. When you connect with your partner, just about anything can be a reason for you to fall in love with them every time you look at them.

Build an Emotional Connection

The emotional connection between two people is often what suffers the most in a relationship. It is the hardest part to build because it requires both parties to be vulnerable and not cast judgment on each other.

When we listen to our partners with loving ears, it shows them that we are hearing what they have to say without jumping to our own conclusions. We show our support to them, and in turn, they begin to feel emotionally connected to us. The more conversations we have, the more tough times we conquer, the more connected we feel. This is what gives you that feeling that your love can conquer anything.

Communicate About the Issues

Communication is one of the best ways to be intimate outside of the bedroom. Talking with your partner about day to day life is completely different than talking about your personal needs and preferences.

I had read a question on a blog once and began to implement it into my own relationships. This question is, “What have I done to satisfy you as a partner? What can I do to give you more of what you need?” There is a lot of power in these two questions because you are giving your partner the chance to really voice their opinions and concerns.