3 Types of Couples Who Have Relationship Success

You have probably met that one couple that just seems to have it all together. They never seem to argue or have tension in their relationship. As far as you can tell, they are the poster children for a happy, successful, loving relationship. While we can only see what couples allow us to, we do know that there are a few types of couples that have greater success than others for one reason or another. Here is our list of the top three types of couples who have better relationship success.

1. The Fitness Couple

The couple that works out together stays together – right? It would seem so. Couples that enjoy fitness-related activities together are more likely to stay together because of their ability to bond over lifestyle. Both people are interested in the same goals in terms of fitness, external fitness activities (paddleboarding, racing, etc.), and dieting.

The ability to share their lifestyle with each other means that they are connecting on another level that many couples do not. This only strengthens their bond and helps them thrive in relationships.

2. The Work Couple

Working with your partner is either a great success or an absolute disaster. When two people work together at equal levels, it helps strengthen their relationship. They are able to share the burdens and successes of managing or running a business together. Each person understands and relates to what the other person is going through.

In most relationships, each person finds it hard to connect with the other over their work-related stress because they have not worked in that particular industry. That problem is alleviated with work couples. Together, they face obstacles in their professional life and let that teamwork spill over into their personal lives.

3. The Hobby Couple

Couples that play together are known to stay together longer, as well. These are couples that focus their lives on a particular hobby. For example, my friends Alex and Kayla. They both share a love for hiking and exploring the outdoors. Over the years, they have expanded their hobbies together to include backpacking through South America for a year and raising money to build schools in Ethiopia.

Their passions help strengthen their relationships and allow them to come up with creative solutions to the world problems they are passionate about. Alex just finished planting trees in another country to help offset the carbon footprint of his university, while Kayla is an activist against fracking in New York. Together, they are helping change the world one passionate hobby at a time and hand in hand.