12 Traits of a Loyal Partner

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a relationship for a couple of months or years; it’s normal to question if your partner is loyal.

You’re looking for honesty, faith, truth, and loyalty in your connection with someone else. While you have a basic concept of these traits, it’s not until you’re fully in a committed relationship that you truly understand them.

Loyalty isn’t just for another person. You can be loyal to your favorite restaurant, your dog, or a chosen sports team, but even these things take time to develop.

For example, going to a restaurant once doesn’t equal loyalty; it’s going to that same restaurant repeatedly because you enjoy the atmosphere, the wait staff, and the delicious food. That kind of devotion doesn’t happen overnight.

One thing you cannot do is force a person to be loyal to you. Like your dedication to your favorite restaurant, you become loyal to a person over time.

As you first begin a relationship, you can’t expect that person to have the same dedication to you as a couple who have been together for 30 years.

Just like your love grows, so does your devotion. So, how do you know if you’re dating someone who can be loyal to you? Here are 12 early signs that the person you’re with is devoted and dependable.

1. Loyal Partners Maintain Boundaries with Others (Especially the Opposite Sex)

One of the most significant signs your partner is loyal is if they maintain appropriate boundaries with others. How does your partner act when you go out with them? Do they flirt with other people, like the server or the cashier?

Are they extra friendly to the opposite sex or send nonverbal cues in your presence? These actions demonstrate a level of disrespect and indicate that they’re not committed or loyal to you.

You can guarantee this person has a wandering eye and won’t be devoted to you. If you want to save yourself a big headache (and heartache), move on.

Someone fully vested in your connection will only have eyes for you. Even when someone flirts with them or hits on them, they’ll politely but firmly shut it down. If they turn them down when you’re there, feel confident they’ll do the same when you’re not around.

2. They Don’t Hide Their Email and Phone Accounts from You

An honest person doesn’t have an issue with leaving their phone on the table with you while they go to another room. That’s because they’re not hiding phone calls, texts, or email messages from anyone. They’re completely transparent with their phone and don’t even mind you going through it.

When people have something to hide, they will be very secretive and possessive over their phones. It’s not just a case of picking it up and looking through it. They want you nowhere near their phone in case a message or a call pops up.

They take calls in the other room, downplay shady texts, and act suspicious every time their phone rings. Someone who deletes their history regularly and doesn’t want you near their phone usually has something to hide.

What to Do if You Think Your Partner Is Cheating

You hope you never have to deal with infidelity in your relationship, yet it happens all the time. One day, you may feel secure in your relationship, but the next day, you see an over-friendly text on your significant other’s phone.

Before you light his car on fire and smash all his classic rock CDs, take a second to consider the best ways to react to this situation.

  • Check your red flags list: Look at your past relationships to gain clarity about this situation. What significant experience have you encountered? This may help you better understand your suspicions by reflecting on what went wrong with your ex.
  • Jot down everything you’re feeling: Sometimes, we realize how ridiculous our accusations sound when we see them on paper. On the other hand, seeing our suspicions on paper helps us validate our fears. The point is to gain clarity so you can make a sound decision on how to proceed.
  • Call on all supportive friends: Notice we said supportive because many so-called friends can’t wait to add fuel to the cheating fire. Talk to trusted family and friends who can calmly advise you on the situation. They’ll be able to give you a more mature resolution rather than coaxing you to “burn all that cheater’s clothes!”
  • Talk to your partner: If your emotions are on one hundred, now might not be the best time to talk to them about your suspicions. If this is the case, calm down before confronting your partner. A shouting match won’t resolve anything, so come to them calmly and with all receipts/evidence of their infidelity so your partner can address them immediately.
  • Have the conversation in a safe and supportive environment: When you confront your partner about your suspicions of them cheating, it will likely be an uncomfortable and intense moment. Because of this, you must ensure that you and your partner feel safe during the difficult conversation.

Is there a place you both feel safe so that you can focus your energy on effectively communicating? For example, you may be more comfortable in a crowded venue because your partner is less likely to have an outburst with other people around. You may prefer a private spot to help you both focus. When it comes to a conversation like this, there is no right or wrong environment.

3. Someone Loyal Keeps Their Word

When someone tells you they’ll be at your house by seven pm, you expect them at that time because they always keep their word.

Of course, things come up, but they’ll call if they’re running late. They understand that you’re only as good as your word, so a devoted partner knows how to say what they mean and mean what they say.

The small broken promises create a wedge between a couple, so they do their best to keep the relationship solid. You know you can count on them to do whatever they promised. When you can count on a person as you count on the sun to rise every morning, you’ve found someone loyal, so hold on to them.

4. They’re Consistent

Showing consistency is a big part of being loyal. Your significant other shows up daily and proves how faithful and devoted they are to you. You never have to deal with those hot and cold moments where you can’t decide if they’re on or off.

You understand exactly where you stand with them. They’re consistent in whatever they do. If they tell you they’ll be somewhere, they’ll be there. You look forward to their early morning cringy love texts because it means you’re on their mind first thing. This person knows that consistency is vital to the foundation of faithfulness and loyalty.

5. They Are Proud to Show You off to Others

No one enjoys being stuck in the friend zone or, better yet, with someone who isn’t proud of who you are. You want someone who loves to talk about you to all their family and friends and wants to show you off because they’re so proud to be with you. They never hesitate to post pictures on social media and declare their love for you on the public forum.

If they have a social event, like a company picnic, they want you to attend with them because they can’t imagine an evening without you. It shows devotion and loyalty if they’re proud to claim you as their other/better half.

6. They Effectively Manage Their Emotions

A person who manages their emotions demonstrates maturity. They understand how to be empathetic toward you and the situations you find yourself in, and they try to help rather than add to the problem. They give tough love when needed but also show their softer side.

Unfortunately, dealing with pressure is a constant battle in life. The best way to deal with this is when you have a loyal individual who can help you effectively cope with daily stressors.

7. You Can Lean On Them for Whatever

A home is built on concrete footers for a reason: to ensure it’s not moving anywhere. This is why you want your partner to be your “concrete” because this shows that no matter what, they aren’t going anywhere. If your partner is as strong as your home’s foundation, they will hold you up when all else around you starts falling apart.

Couple Having Fun Together

They’re steadfast, faithful, and supportive of every you do. They know the perfect words to lift you up when you’re down.

8. They Adapt to Change

You want a partner who can embrace any of life’s changes but doesn’t become easily bored with daily routines. A faithful partner can stick with a routine, but they don’t freak out when change comes.

This is good because life is constantly throwing curve balls, and if they can adapt, it makes your relationship run much smoother.

There will always be seasons in your life when everything appears boring and mundane, but these are the times you should cherish the most. Flexibility is an admirable quality that helps you deal with life’s ebbs and flows.

Sooner than you think, everything may become chaotic, turning your world upside down, and the only foundation left is the one you and your partner built together.

9. They’re Always Truthful

Honesty and transparency are two solid qualities you want in any person, especially your partner. Can you imagine having a partner you don’t always have to check up on because you know they’re telling you the truth? Some people wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face, but not your partner. They understand that they’re only as good as their word, so they try faithfully to keep their word to help you feel more safe and secure in the relationship.

10. They Show Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Many couples focus on physical intimacy, but you also need emotional intimacy. It could be little things, like hugging them or grabbing their hand when walking, that can mean so much.

Connecting sexually is a bonus, but it’s not everything because there are many other needs in a loyal relationship.

11. They Keep Your Secrets

When you have a loyal partner, you can be vulnerable and divulge your innermost secrets without fearing they’ll tell others your embarrassing stories. You know you can say anything and will never go beyond the two of you.

A person loyal to you is fiercely protective and will never betray your trust. If you find this quality in a partner, they are a keeper.

12. They Only Speak Positively about You

A person who is devoted to you will say the same things to your face that they say to others when you’re not around. You don’t want someone who complains to others about you while not confiding their gripes to you. Doing so is considered trash-talking and is not cute when it comes to relationships.

When they talk about you rather than to you, it says way more about their character than yours. This kind of person isn’t loyal, and you shouldn’t trust them as far as you can throw them.

Someone devoted will positively talk about you to others and be the first to jump to your defense when others speak negatively about you. This isn’t just a sign of a healthy relationship. It also demonstrates that they’ve got your back 100%.

Final Thoughts

You want to find someone with whom you can grow individually and as a couple. Sadly, a loyal partner isn’t always easy to find. Even when you do, will they remain dedicated to you throughout your relationship?

The right person will enhance your life instead of further complicating it. Together, you both will mature into a loving but powerful force that will withstand the test of time.